Benefits of An Akashic Record Reading

Those who are on their own spiritual path of discovery are frequently open to using professional mediums or intuitives to provide more insight. A medium is an intuitive that can connect with and pass along messages from dead loved ones. An intuitive that provides psychic readings focuses mainly on your future, but does so by tapping into the clients’ energy. These types of spiritual professionals are wonderful, and through their gifts, have helped countless men and women heal and grow. However, there are limits to what information a psychic or medium has access to. Akashic Record readings are the next step in discovering who we are at the soul level, resulting in a deeper understanding of our past, purpose and place here. The Akashic Records contain all information that is and ever will be. It’s a library of each and every souls’ thought, action, desire, goal, and lifetime. Everything is written down in ‘real time’ and chronicled in an individual souls’ record.

While this may sound intimidating, an Akashic Record reader is not interested in your random thoughts you had 5 years ago or what you ate for breakfast this morning. Instead we ask only the most important questions to get the most valuable information for the client. I often leave it up to Spirit as far as what details to reveal as Spirit knows what the person needs clarity on. The clients I’ve read for are consistently surprised about the accuracy of the information and how much understanding it brings. This clarity is not only about what made you are what you are, but what molds your fears and desires in your life. A detailed Akashic Record reading brings that forward for the client and explains the genesis of certain behavioral and situational patterns as well as informing you of your souls’ true origins.

There is serenity in knowing

I’ve had a lot of feedback from clients wishing they’d known this information earlier in life. One client in particular told me that he wished he’d gotten this information 20 years ago as it would have saved him so much anger and confusion over the sudden death of his father. Over the previous few years he had gone to a few mediums and received some healing through hearing that his father was doing well on Spirit side and having some confirmation that the soul does live on after death. Through reviewing this clients’ record he now understood his fathers’ exact spiritual role in his life, why he passed so young, and how it ties into what this clients’ purpose is in this current lifetime. He reported that it gave him much more closure surrounding his fathers’ passing. His reading even revealed to him why he always felt “not from this time period” why the 1950s was his preferred decade even though he was born 30 years later. Through the Akashic Records, even tragedies can be revealed to be by design for a greater purpose.

Our past lives shape our current life

Some clients will gasp with excitement when confirmation is given about visions they have seemingly had regarding other lifetimes. Another client always had an irrational fear of walking down stairs even though she never had any incidents involving stairs that she knew of. Steep stairwells would make her extremely anxious and she always would take extra care when using any stairs. By going through her record, it was revealed that her life before her current one ended young and suddenly by falling down stairs and breaking her neck. Her ‘mission’ in that life was unable to be completed so it is continuing in her current one, but with the addition of extra caution when dealing with stairs. Several instances in readings have shown that body areas with chronic pain felt in this lifetime can be traced back to experiences even 1,000s of years ago due to a traumatic event involving that same bodily location. Not all of our past lives have impacted us to that extent but it does happen and behavioral patterns are revealed to exist over many, many lifetimes.

Professional intuitives have benefited from Akashic Record readings

A few of my clients have been professional intuitives themselves and it’s always interesting to get their response to their Akashic Record reading as they are already so ‘tuned in’ to Spirit. One such client remarked that her reading with me gave her a deeper insight into her own life lessons and why her life seemed structured in a certain way. Things were clarified for her via the records that she couldn’t access through her own highly developed psychic abilities. More past lives were uncovered (she already was familiar with a few and I was able to give more detail on those) which pinpointed what her blockages were and where they originated. Moving forward she can consciously work on issues and life lessons and situations feel less random. She was delighted to learn the names and attributes of her primary and secondary starseed groups of origin. This client felt that her Akashic Record reading gave her more of a big picture view of her souls’ journey then traditional intuitive readings. She also received further insight into the reincarnation process and how the Spirit realm operates.

Having this deep level of understanding about yourself that comes with an Akashic Record reading is invaluable and life changing. It starts the process of becoming less reactive in your life and more knowledgeable about why you are the way you are, and conversely, why others in your life act a certain way. Spiritual matters become more focused, and you begin to look at life through the lens of what am I here to learn, who am I here to support, what unique things am I here specifically on Earth to experience

I hope this sheds some additional light on how you can benefit from having your Akashic Records read and how this unique reading differs from other psychic readings. To schedule an Akashic Record reading click here.

About Erin Lynn

Akashic Record Reader and Researcher

When not channeling information from the Akashic Records, you will find me planning an international adventure, gardening, being in nature, or spending time with my husband and animals. I live on the East Coast of the U.S., my favorite color is blue, and my soul group of origination is Arcturian.

What others are saying

“Erin is fantastic at what she does. I never felt for a minute like I was being told what I wanted to hear. Everything resonated with me, and I enjoyed the way she detailed the information she provided me. Highly recommended!”

– Gabriel L., Frazier Park

“My reading with Erin was fantastic! She is very thorough and answered all of my questions. The information she obtained about my record was invaluable. It helped me confirm that l am on the right path and the gifts and lessons to focus on in this lifetime. Thank you Erin!”

– Kristin S., New Jersey

“My reading was a revealing process into my souls entire existence from the beginning till present, and at times it left me speechless. The reading was done professionally and with kindness, so that these revelations could be processed and understood in the context of my present being. She was clear and concise in her explanations and I will never forget the evening of the reading which I refer to as a spiritual axiom. From that moment on my life became completely different as I became aware of my entire spirit and a feeling of calmness slowly filled me. I highly recommend anyone to have their Akashic Record read by Erin. The respect, support and thorough explanations made it a complete and comfortable experience.”

– David S., Wilmington, DE

“If you want to know how old your soul is, which star system you came from, how many lifetimes, what special skills and gifts you have, why you are here on Earth now, what is your purpose, how come you just know some things and not know how or why, and so much more. You’ve come to the right being in Erin to find the answers to those questions plus answers to things you hadn’t thought about.

I live in Australia, Erin in the USA, so we had our meeting via Zoom to discuss the reading. Erin and I are strangers, yet she was telling me about my likes, dislikes, character and traits, strengths and weaknesses that only I know or suspected. Erin was so spot on with so many things it was uncanny. All done with respect, it was like having an old friend talk to you about your life/lives. Her skill as an Akashic Record Reader is outstanding and the calm manner she has in sharing your record with you is re-assuring.

Erin, respect and much love to you for the information you gave me through your skill, it has helped me greatly and put many things into perspective.”

– Richard C., Brisbane, Australia