My First Experience In The Akashic Record Library

As a professional Akashic Record Reader, nowadays I spend a fair amount of my consciousness and time inside the Akashic Record Library or as some people call it, the Hall of Akashic Records. It has now become my second home, a comfortable place where I obtain information to help others raise their vibration and where I ask deep questions about the spiritual realm and the Universe in general. I was pushed by spirit to do this work to help others to the extent that I could no longer deny it. It’s not that I wasn’t open to doing this kind of occupation, but at first I doubted that I had enough skill. I’ve been intuitively inclined my entire life and as a result I’ve had some very unusual experiences, but when I decided to take control of my psychic gifts everything changed. I started meditating (something I struggled with for years to accomplish) and through a guided meditation, I was introduced to two of my spirit guides. By this time I was randomly downloading information from what I assumed to be the Akashic Records and wanted confirmation from them if this was the case. I was hoping for a simple yes or no answer, but to my surprise they responded, “you want to go there with us?” Obviously, I enthusiastically agreed.

My initial experience in the Akashic Record Library was profound. My two guides escorted me down this long hallway, eventually arriving at these gilded, ornate, double doors that looked to be 100’ tall. I was questioning my sanity at this point, but I was assured to just trust what I was seeing. For the record, I no longer doubt the existence of the Akashic Records or that my experiences and information received from there are/were hallucinations due to overwhelming corroborating evidence. But I digress, the immense double doors opened and a flying being warmly greeted us. My own soul record was then brought to me and they opened it up and started giving me information that was contained in it. The answers the guides were offering up were questions I had often thought about privately.

What Does the Akashic Record Library Look Like?

The hall of records can appear differently to different people, some have seen it look like a giant city, or a traditional looking library that is buzzing with activity. From my perspective the Akashic Record Library always looks the same, it’s the largest and most beautiful library one has ever laid eyes on. I enter through those huge doors and onto a catwalk that is suspended in mid air. Metallic gold is the predominant color throughout this incredible library that not only extends out further than the eye can see but also with countless rows of shelves that go far beneath my feet and up into the sky. There are many souls that have been created and there is a record for each and every one of them, that’s a lot of shelves for a lot of soul records! The Akashic Record hall is always empty and quiet except my (now five) spirit guides are always there to greet me. No one else is ever there when I’m in the records; I was told that is because I have my own private room there. Apparently, I’ve done Akashic Record work in other past lives and as a result I was given my own space to do my work in this life.

At the end of this catwalk there is a platform with a beautiful desk and chair. That is where I sit and ask for the records that I have been given permission to read on my clients’ behalf. Due to the sheer volume of the Akashic Record Library, it would take me a lifetime just to find one record let alone all the ones I read for clients. Akashic Record Readers must have at least one spirit guide that is dedicated to assisting you in pulling the records from the shelves and of course, returning them to their appropriate place afterwards. I am not aware of their system for finding the records, perhaps that would be a good question to ask for a future blog entry.

How Do Soul Records Appear?

All soul records look exactly the same, even if the record is the history of a planet/realm or a specific location. They are massively thick books that have the current incarnation name of the soul in large print on the front. I have heard that other Akashic Record Readers have seen soul names emblazoned across the soul record that aren’t like names we have here on Earth. It’s certainly possible that the souls themselves have dedicated given names as our names do change with each incarnation, however I haven’t seen that myself. The books themselves have a golden glow about them, are very old and have elaborately detailed bindings. These books feel real and have weight to them, they are not transparent or ghostly looking in the slightest. Once the books are opened the text inside is dark brown in color and looks to be handwritten in cursive. Even though I’m adept at reading cursive handwriting, the words seem to be written in another language that I cannot understand. Therefore, I ask the questions and my dedicated Akashic Record Spirit Guide, a lovely lady named Muriel, gives me the answers telepathically. So much information is stored in these tomes that it would take me a lifetime (or more) to completely read through one. Therefore, I request only the most important information that the client needs to know.

The Akashic Record Library is one of the most beautiful places I’ve experienced. I’ve always felt safe and supported there. I feel so blessed to have been given not only access to the records but to have the wonderful spirit guides that do a tremendous job in facilitating me in my purpose to help others.

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About Erin Lynn

Akashic Record Reader and Researcher

When not channeling information from the Akashic Records, you will find me planning an international adventure, gardening, being in nature, or spending time with my husband and animals. I live on the East Coast of the U.S., my favorite color is blue, and my soul group of origination is Arcturian.

What others are saying

“Erin is fantastic at what she does. I never felt for a minute like I was being told what I wanted to hear. Everything resonated with me, and I enjoyed the way she detailed the information she provided me. Highly recommended!”

– Gabriel L., Frazier Park

“My reading with Erin was fantastic! She is very thorough and answered all of my questions. The information she obtained about my record was invaluable. It helped me confirm that l am on the right path and the gifts and lessons to focus on in this lifetime. Thank you Erin!”

– Kristin S., New Jersey

“My reading was a revealing process into my souls entire existence from the beginning till present, and at times it left me speechless. The reading was done professionally and with kindness, so that these revelations could be processed and understood in the context of my present being. She was clear and concise in her explanations and I will never forget the evening of the reading which I refer to as a spiritual axiom. From that moment on my life became completely different as I became aware of my entire spirit and a feeling of calmness slowly filled me. I highly recommend anyone to have their Akashic Record read by Erin. The respect, support and thorough explanations made it a complete and comfortable experience.”

– David S., Wilmington, DE

“If you want to know how old your soul is, which star system you came from, how many lifetimes, what special skills and gifts you have, why you are here on Earth now, what is your purpose, how come you just know some things and not know how or why, and so much more. You’ve come to the right being in Erin to find the answers to those questions plus answers to things you hadn’t thought about.

I live in Australia, Erin in the USA, so we had our meeting via Zoom to discuss the reading. Erin and I are strangers, yet she was telling me about my likes, dislikes, character and traits, strengths and weaknesses that only I know or suspected. Erin was so spot on with so many things it was uncanny. All done with respect, it was like having an old friend talk to you about your life/lives. Her skill as an Akashic Record Reader is outstanding and the calm manner she has in sharing your record with you is re-assuring.

Erin, respect and much love to you for the information you gave me through your skill, it has helped me greatly and put many things into perspective.”

– Richard C., Brisbane, Australia