The Akashic Records of Animal Souls

 What do the soul records of animal reveal?

I’m a massive animal lover and have been fortunate in my life to be the guardian of many different species over the years. I knew instinctively that animals had souls well before I started reading the Akashic Records. A certain level of soulfulness was apparent to me due to the diverse personalities, emotion in their eyes, and the deep capacity for unconditional love animals possess. However, I did not know to what extent an animal incarnation is planned and what role animal souls played in the spiritual realm. Was it possible for an animal to be a starseed? Are human and animal souls one and the same? Do animal souls take on duties when on spirit side like humans? Are there dogs, cats, horses, and chickens on other planets and, if so, how were they treated? These were the questions I set out to answer as I started my research through reading animal soul records.

When in the Akashic Record Library, the animal soul records look just like human ones, with the animals’ current incarnation name on the cover. I only read for well-loved pets as I needed feedback from their owners as to the accuracy of the information I retrieved in their record. Did the implications of certain energy centers of training, soul groups of origination, life lessons, etc. have the same impact on an animal? I already knew the information was very correct for the human souls, but I didn’t want to assume anything when taking on reading an animals’ Akashic Record. After reading several animal records and reporting back to their owners, the short answer is yes, the information I received in the animal soul records is just as applicable as it is for humans.

Souls are species specific and will only incarnate as that one life form throughout the soul’s cycle

Human and animal souls alike are an expression of God and we all come from the same place, which is Source energy. One major difference is that animal souls will remember all their former incarnations consciously and have a completely open connection to Source. This ability for remembering previous incarnations was confirmed over and over again due to many animal’s seemingly random interests and focuses that their owners confirmed for me after I reviewed their soul records. For example, one horse soul had two past lives where they pulled a cart and in this life whenever the horse saw a cart he was very interested in it, even though he was not doing that kind of activity in his current life. Past lives of animals, not unlike us, do impact their current lives and worldview. Even more specifically I found my own cat has shared a past life with me. I asked her telepathically, as I can communicate with animals, if she remembered our life together in the 1950s. She went on the show me her Persian cat body in that lifetime (she’s a different breed in this lifetime) and then from her perspective showed me the home we shared together. Whereas, when humans incarnate on Earth they have no memory of their past lives and are closed off to Source and it’s often part of their life journey to attempt to reconnect in some way while in a 3rddimensional body. It’s just one of the many challenges we face on Earth. 

Dog, cat, and horse souls all have the same level of complexity, which was more than I expected to find, but less involved than a human soul.  A soul is created specifically to be a human soul and will go on to only incarnate as either an Earth being or extraterrestrial being; no human has been a horse in a past life. A human soul will have only been a human and will continue to incarnate as that species although it may take different forms on others places/realms of incarnation. The reason for this is that human souls undergo longer and very specific trainings prior to their first incarnations, so that makes sense that there wouldn’t be any crossover into other animal species. Feline souls, are created specifically to just incarnate as cats, they could be a feral street cat, a domesticated cat, or a lion, leopard, tiger, bobcat, etc. A canine soul has fewer options for incarnation, they are usually only feral or domestic dogs, as they will never incarnate as a coyote, wolf, or hyena. An equine soul will only incarnate as a wild or domestic horse, zebra, or donkey and nothing else. The reincarnation cycle is very similar for animals as it is for humans, but everything is shorter in duration. For example, the human souls I read for are usually hundreds of thousands of years old, but an animal soul may only be four thousand to fifty thousand years old. 

Animal souls have varying degrees of complexity

A fair amount of planning does go into an animal incarnation but there are not really any fated or pre-destined events planned unlike human incarnations. Examples of pre-destined events would be a marriage, having children, being involved in a major accident or suffering from a serious illness. Nonetheless, all dog, cat, and horse souls have free will just like we do. Free will is defined as the ability to make choices for themselves without any interference. Animal souls do choose their life situations such as, where they will live, what their gender will be, will they be a wild animal or a pampered domestic pet, and what life lessons they will be working on. These life lessons will often take several lifetimes to complete. One dog that I read for had her previous lifetime as a shelter dog in a totally hopeless situation; the dog was ultimately euthanized, I experienced that soul’s deep depression in that situation that took place 30 plus years ago. In this dogs’ current lifetime she was adopted from the shelter as a young puppy.  She now has a very happy and hopeful existence being well loved in her home. Not surprisingly that dog has been working on the life lesson of … you guessed it! Hope!

Traditionally, human souls will be working on four to six life lessons over a few lifetimes, but animal souls only focus on one life lesson at a time. Illustrated with the example given in the previous paragraph, I frequently encounter crossovers of themes from one lifetime to the next, so there is a fair amount of planning that goes on in spirit side to put this animal soul into a particular body and set of circumstances to learn these lessons. According to the animal Akashic Records I’ve researched, God does occasionally bestow additional energetic boosts to those animal souls that need it in order to learn their life lessons and complete their soul contracts. This also occurs in the exact same manner for some human souls. I can only surmise that these energetic boosts exist for animals because their journeys are just as vital to the collective consciousness as human journeys are.

Yes, an animal soul can be a starseed!

What surprised me the most was that many of the animal soul records I read in this experiment revealed that many dogs, cats, horses, and even chickens are star traveler souls as well! Some animal souls did come up as Earth souls, and this means that they had their first incarnations on Earth and will only continue to have earthly lifetimes in the future. However, every animal that came up as a starseed soul I confirmed, in the Akashic Records, that they were also the same species when incarnated on these other planets. A few animal souls had come from planets/realms that don’t come here as human souls. Meaning, I would never read for a human soul currently incarnated on Earth that originated from Altinak or Alnilam as these beings are not friendly towards Earth, but they apparently are nice to their pets and have chickens running around!

When a human soul has a soul group of origination, it means they’ve had their first 19 to 26 lifetimes on that planet, but with animals they only have their five first lifetimes. I assume that the animals take on and carry with them the particular energies of their soul groups of origination but I found it more difficult to discern this in animals I read for across the board. However, it’s a very prominent energetic signature in human souls. True to star traveler soul form, several of these animals had incarnated on other planets besides their home world and Earth. A few were from very high dimensional places such as, Alderamin, Alphirk, Ankaa, and Arcturus. Other places of incarnation that came up were Sirius, Alpha Caeli, Vega, Nihal, Spica, and Andromeda.

Do animals do anything while on spirit side in between incarnations?

Souls are intelligent, after all they make you who you are, and as a result like to learn and continue to be of service even when they are not ‘in body.’ All human souls undertake trainings or jobs in between lifetimes and carry that knowledge with them subconsciously when they incarnate.  And not surprisingly dog, cat, and horse souls do the same. There was a lot of overlap of categories of human soul trainings and animal soul trainings, but the animal ones were always geared towards helping their own species only. It’s not to say that human souls on the other side don’t help animals, they do as well, but the work is primarily oriented to helping other incarnated humans and/or their souls on spirit side. It was confirmed through animal guardian feedback and my own communications with animals that these soul trainings carry the same energetic weight when they are in body as it does for their human counterparts. 

What about ‘lesser’ animal species souls? Let’s explore soul records of chickens

I don’t eat any meat, chicken included, and I don’t see them as a lesser animal species because all the chickens I have been around have lots of personality and are sweet, loving creatures. However, I wanted to address this as I think it would come up as a valid question when discussing the souls of animals. I did read for six chickens and their soul complexity is significantly less than a horse, dog, or cat. All the chickens did have energy centers of training, a soul group of origination, and past lives but that was pretty much it. The personality that the chickens presented with were very much in line with the traits expressed with the various energy centers of training as revealed by their soul records. I inquired if bird souls had free will, like we do and Spirit told me that birds do not have free will or the choice over their incarnations. However, the bird souls do choose which energetic center in which they will train in and where their soul group of origination will be. When incarnated chicken souls are not self-aware and don’t recognize their own personality or individuality from their external experiences. This is the opposite of what I have seen in dogs, cats, and horses as when incarnated these creatures have the gift of self-awareness. 

Bird souls in general are much younger as I’m seeing their soul ages around 4,000 to 11,500 years old and they are not created to learn life lessons but to play a role in the diversity of life in the Universe. Spirit tells me that a birds’ soul cycle lasts approximately 20,000 years. I was also told that bird souls do not consciously recall their past lives, so like us humans on Earth it’s brand new every time!

Since dogs, cats, and horses are completely connected and open to Spirit, the animals were aware that I was researching their soul record at the time. Nonetheless, I did make sure to get their approval beforehand for access just as I do for the humans I read for. The majority of the animals were enthusiastic about the process but one dog I read for was a bit guarded and only wanted to share certain parts of her record and not all of it. Another dog was so excited she astral projected into the Akashic Record Library with me! That was a first for me and was a wonderful confirmation that animals are much more spiritually aware than we give them credit for. Perhaps we humans can learn a few lessons from them.

I hope this explained animal soul records, at least in an introductory manner, and illustrated how they are all sentient beings with an important place in this world and the worlds beyond. If you’d like to get your own soul record read by me click here.

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