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Questions that are often asked

Things to know before your reading

Many of the clients I’ve worked with in the past understandably had questions before they were ready to commit to a reading. It is a once in a lifetime process so they want to be sure they fully understood the process and what it entails. I’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions I’ve received.

If you still have any questions, please reach out to me by sending an email to [email protected]

How will an Akashic Record reading help me?

An Akashic Record reading provides crystal clear insight into where you came from and your life’s purpose. Many clients report that once they know their souls’ purpose it is much easier to focus their lives on what needs to be done.

Your mind becomes expanded on how the Universe works and the death process becomes less scary and mysterious. Once the client has this understanding they are able to see the world differently and as result became more compassionate and accepting of others (and often themselves).

Does everyone have an Akashic Record?

Absolutely! If you have a soul you have a soul record. Animals, locations, crystals, and plants do too!

If I’ve already had my Akashic Records read by another reader, can you read them?

Information located in the Akashic Records is closely guarded. Once the information has been given to the client, I cannot access that same information during this lifetime. The only exception is if you want additional information that has not yet been passed along to you. However, you would have to give me the specific questions upfront you want answered. Please contact me at [email protected] prior to booking a reading in this case only. If you have never had your Akashic Record read then, go ahead and book a reading through my Get A Reading page.

Can I purchase an Akashic Record Reading as a gift?

An Akashic Record reading is a very meaningful gift to give to someone. However, the recipient(s) of the gifted reading must be aware beforehand of what an Akashic Record reading is and consciously agree to have me read their soul record. This is not a gift that can be a surprise because I need their express consent to access their soul record.

Why do I need to give you my full birth name, current full name, date of birth, and location of birth?

I need this information for two vital reasons; it’s a way to make sure I’m reading your record, not someone else’s, and it confirms that I have permission to access your record. Without this information, I cannot read for you nor could anyone else. If you are unable to provide this information but still want a reading, please contact me prior to booking a reading to see if I can use other information that will allow me to access your soul record. This can be accomplished in rare cases.

Is my financial and personal information safe?

Yes, the website and payment portal are secure. No financial or personal information is captured or stored on this website. I do not keep client’s information; any notes are shredded once the information has been passed along to the client after the review.

How do the Akashic Record Reviews work?

Once I’ve completed my research into your record, you’ll receive an email with some available 60-minute time slots. The reviews can be done over the phone or Zoom. If you prefer another video conferencing platform over Zoom, please host a meeting on that platform and email a meeting link to [email protected]

Any clients located outside of the United States, must use the Zoom option (or other preferred video conferencing platform). If you want to record your Zoom review the client must host the meeting.

If the review is done via phone, I will call you from a blocked number at the agreed upon time. Please make sure your phone will accept calls from blocked numbers prior to our review time.

If you cannot record the call I can record it for you and email it to you within 48-hours of the review.

How are Akashic Record readings different than psychic or mediumship readings?

The short answer is they are more accurate because I am getting the information directly from the source, your soul record. I can also access information that cannot be discovered via someone reading your energy or communicating with a departed loved one. For an expanded explanation, please click this link.

Also, my research is done prior to speaking with the client because it gives me more time to get additional details or ask more questions depending on where the information in your soul record takes me.

What kind of information is located in my Akashic Record? What can I expect to learn from an Akashic Record reading?

Everything from all your incarnations is located there. However, I focus on the most valuable and relatable info for the client for their current lifetime.

For example, soul age, energy center of training, soul group of origination, how many Earthly lives, overview of most important past lives, trainings undertaken when not incarnated, life lessons in this lifetime, your souls’ purpose, strongest intuitive gifts, empath gifts, and much more. My Akashic Record readings are very detailed and in-depth and you will receive a lot of information.

Do you give readings for children under the age of 18?
No, the information located in the records can be overwhelming for young children therefore, I prefer to only read for adults at this time.
How much does it cost to get an Akashic Record reading?

Your investment is $333 US dollars. If you are paying in another currency please note your credit card may charge you a foreign transaction fee.

What if you can’t find or access my Akashic Record?
If this very rare occurrence happens, I will refund your money. Please note, I have never had this happen before. Since it is an exceedingly rare possibility, I would honor a refund in that instance only.
How to contact Erin for podcasts, articles, etc?
Please email me at [email protected]
What is your review cancellation/refund policy?

All readings are nonrefundable unless I cannot access your record for the reason listed in the question, “What if you can’t find or access my Akashic Record?”. Payment to soul record research completion usually takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on volume as I complete the client readings’ in the order that I receive them. If you do not want to wait 4 weeks for your review session from purchase date, then please do not book a reading with me. The readings are done in the quickest manner possible but Akashic Record research is very time consuming. In an effort to be as fair as possible, all client readings are done in the order they are received.
I am not responsible if my email correspondence does not reach you prior to said dates due to technical glitches or the emails going to spam/junk folders. If my email goes through then I am going to assume that it reached you. I also assume that the email address you provided to me is correct. If I do not see that you have booked a reading within 7 days of sending out the initial review scheduling email, I will send a reminder email. If you do not receive the emails I can forward you time/date stamps of prior emails. Kindly reach out to me and we can figure it out.
If you pay for a reading but do not provide me with your full birth name, full current name, date of birth, location of birth I cannot complete the reading but your payment is also nonrefundable. If you pay for a reading and never book the review session appointment (after I sent the scheduling emails out), I cannot pass along the information I found but your payment is also nonrefundable.
If you have scheduled a review but need to reschedule it, please give 24 hours notice. You can cancel (and reschedule) the review session with the same Calendly link that your appointment was initially booked through.

How the process works


Once you’ve read through the information on this page, you’ll purchase your reading.

Click here to book your reading.


You will receive an email after you purchase your reading. The email will have a link which will bring you to a form that must be filled out before the reading can begin. It will ask you for your full current name, date of birth, location of birth, and full birth name.


Erin will review the form responses and then schedule the reading within 4 weeks time. Please note that Akashic Record research is time consuming and is done prior to client review.


Once Erin is finished with her research, she will email you a link to her calendar where you can book your review date and time. Reviews take approx. 60 minutes. Due to the large amount of information that will be provided, we recommend that you record our call/Zoom.

Discover the journey of your soul

And learn how it relates your life now

What others have said about a reading with erin lynn

“Having my Akashic Record read by Erin was like therapy and I got some needed answers.”

“It was much more significant than a “past life reading.” I was given an understanding of why I’ve faced certain challenges and what my purpose in life is. It was like she already knew me, and everything she told me made sense. It was just what I needed to help me stay focused and get through these difficult times in our world.”

Sharon D.