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What others have said about a reading with erin lynn

“Thank you Erin for your relaxed approach to sharing and for channeling this valuable information!”

In my early 20’s I was in a path of deep spiritual awakening. I immersed myself into the density of this reality and lost touch of my spiritual path.

Being in isolation during COVID-19 has ignited me to reconnect to my spirituality. I was introduced to spiritual healers, in which it led me to expand to realms of metaphysics outside the average consciousness. During my research exploration I came across the term Akashic Records. They described it as a library that contains records of all past present and future lives of a the soul. I was intrigued, but left it at that. A few months later the Akashic Records came up once more. I decided that this was something worth investigating.

I had a session with Erin, and boy was I in for a river of unexpected and surprised information of my soul. There was information that was almost identical to information I had received from a spiritual healer. The records stated certain of aspects of my soul that resonate very strongly as to how I see myself, nature and humanity in this lifetime.

We are all born with gifts and the Akashic Records have identified certain gifts that I have always known I hold deep knowledge of, but have not yet understood how to use them. I started unfolding a bit of information given by Erin slowly, as there is much to learn once we begin the work of inner self.

– Antonio A., Oregon