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“I am totally amazed by my reading and how it answered a lot of my inner thoughts and feelings of why and who I am. Erin was very smooth and consistent during the reading and relaying the information she had gathered. I received very intriguing information about my souls’ journey and former lives. She did a wonderful job and I agree that she has a gift to share with others.”

Bonnie R., Pennsylvania

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Having knowledge of where our souls originated and the paths taken is powerful. You are so much more than this lifetime or the body you are currently inhabiting. The totality of previous lifetime experiences and various trainings make us who we are today. By having your Akashic Records read, the reasons of why you know what you know becomes clear and your life purpose becomes even clearer.

Akashic Record reading investment is $333 USD

This includes the research itself, which can run up to 2 hours, and the review which lasts approximately an hour.