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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are also known as “The Book of Life” or “God’s Book of Remembrance” in the Bible. The term “Akasha”, where we get the term Akashic, is a Sanskrit word for aether.

However, through my research it is a vast physical library of everything past, present, and future that is located in another realm. This library can also be called the Akashic Hall of Records. While in human form we cannot physically access this library, but some on Earth have the ability to access the information via intuition and channeling. Although, this may seem unbelievable, it is possible and to a high degree of accuracy which has been observed over 1,000s of readings with clients.

Unconsciously, we are all constantly transmitting data to the Akashic Records through thoughts, actions, desires, words, and emotions and it is all archived in the records.

However, this information is very closely guarded. The records keep all information on every soul from their creation to current day and even future plans. If you’ve ever wondered if you are a starseed or star traveller, your soul record can confirm that and even tell you exactly where your soul originated. Every soul has the right to know the information contained in their own soul record if they desire.

Complete histories of animal souls, souls of those who are currently not alive, and even geographical locations or places can be accessed. Clients are always amazed at the varied and spectacular journeys their soul has undertaken in the past. The Akashic Records and the wisdom they contain is a true gift to humanity and beyond.

What can I learn from an Akashic Record reading?

It’s important to note that an Akashic Record reading is very different from a psychic or mediumship reading. It is not used to tell you your future, but to explain your soul’s past journey. By knowing this information, you will understand why you are the way you are and why your current life is structured the way it is. Your life’s purpose will be uncovered. Akashic Record readings provide the client with a wider perspective on who they are, where they came from, their specific gifts, and that each soul is on it’s own unique journey and will never die.


This type of reading will also give you a better understanding of others.


 The information contained in your Akashic Record is more difficult to obtain and it can only be given to you once per lifetime. Once you have received the information it is marked in your record and I or any other Akashic Record reader cannot access that same information again. This information is also considered deeply personal and it is closely guarded. Therefore, I need a client’s permission to read their record on their behalf. I can do additional readings for deeper dives into your Akashic Record, but please contact me first prior to booking a reading.

How the process works


Once you’ve read through the information on this website, you’ll purchase your reading.

Click here to book your reading.


You will receive an email after you purchase your reading. The email will have a link which will bring you to a form that must be filled out before the soul record research can begin. It will ask you for your full current name, date of birth, location of birth, and full birth name.


Erin will review the form responses and then schedule the soul record review within 4 weeks time. Please note that Akashic Records research is time consuming and is done prior to client review.


Once Erin is finished with her research, she will email you a link to her calendar where you can book your review date and time. Reviews take approx. 60 minutes. Due to the large amount of information that will be provided, we recommend that you record our call/Zoom.

Discover the journey of your soul

And learn how it relates your life now

What others have said about a reading with erin lynn

“Thank you Erin for an amazing and insightful experience.”

When Erin shared with me what she’d found in my Akashic Record, I was a bit shocked to hear her describe me. I was a bit skeptical but curious, so I took notes. After listening to the recording she provided of our session afterwards (I’ve since listened a few more times), I realized there were even more things that really described me. Like why I don’t sleep well; my growing desire to be bolder; why when looking at the stars, emotions would well up in me; generally why I think the way that I do. Some things finally made sense about my life and what I’d been dealing with not only in my past, but currently. She even provided me with a tool to help my sleep and it’s worked! The reading was a gentle “life changer” that I sense has immense impact, if that makes sense.
We were all created uniquely special and with a Divine purpose. This seemed to be cemented in my Spirit even more after Erin’s reading.

– Shelly B., Saskatchewan, Canada

Frequently asked questions

Questions you may have before you schedule your reading

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Does everyone have an Akashic Record?
Absolutely! If you have a soul you have a soul record. Animals and plants do too!
How do the Akashic Record Reviews work?

Once I’ve completed my research into your record, you’ll receive an email with some available 60-minute time slots. The reviews can be done over the phone or Zoom. If you prefer another video conferencing platform over Zoom, please host a meeting on that platform and email a meeting link to [email protected]

Any clients located outside of the United States, must use the Zoom option (or other preferred video conferencing platform). If you want to record your Zoom review the client must host the meeting.

If the review is done via phone, I will call you from a blocked number at the agreed upon time. Please make sure your phone will accept calls from blocked numbers prior to our review time.

If you cannot record the call I can record it for you and email it to you within 48-hours of the review.

What kind of information is located in my Akashic Record? What can I expect to learn from an Akashic Record reading?
Everything from all of your incarnations is located there. However, I only look into the most valuable and relatable info for the client.

For example, soul age, energy center of training, soul group of origination, how many Earthly lives, overview of most important past lives, trainings undertaken when not incarnated, life lessons in this lifetime, your souls’ purpose, strongest intuitive gifts, empath gifts, and much more.

Is my financial and personal information safe?
Yes, the website and payment portal are secure. I do not keep clients’ information; any notes are shredded once the information has been passed along to the client after the review.

Discover the journey of your soul

And learn how it relates your life