What Is A Starseed

What Is A Starseed

Why are we here? What is our purpose for being here at this time? If you have asked yourself these questions then you have come to the right place. Your souls’ origins make you who you are and define your purpose whether it be past lives, your current one, or future lives. Those with an interest in the metaphysical and spiritual may have heard the terms starseed or star traveler. These terms have increasingly become part of the common lexicon in spiritual communities, but what do they mean exactly? If you are reading this blog, it is safe to assume you are currently incarnated on Earth. However, this does not necessarily mean your soul has always incarnated into an Earthly body. Approximately a quarter of the worlds’ population are inhabited by starseed souls and the remaining three quarters are Earth souls. As an Akashic Record reader I am aware of 29 additional realms/planets of incarnation other than Earth. Each of these realms of incarnation carries its own strengths, weaknesses, and special skills that the souls that originate from there take on. Spirit tells me that the starseeds are placed all over the world in an energetic grid in order to emit and share their various energetic frequencies with other people around them. Therefore, it is no coincidence you are placed where you are in the world at specific times in your life.

Starseed definition

A starseed is a soul, that once created, chooses to have their first incarnation and their following 19 to 26 lifetimes somewhere other than on Earth. Sometimes these souls will bounce back and forth between other places on incarnation and their home planet and some may never return for 100,000s of years. These first lifetimes are similar to our childhood here, as we tend to absorb more information and characteristics when we are young and more impressionable than when we are already in adulthood. As you can probably imagine, these other places of incarnation are extremely varied in how the inhabitants look, their level of vibration, cultures, spiritual traditions, family/community structures, geographical appearance, skill sets, etc. This makes an indelible impact on the soul itself, so they will carry these energies with them wherever they incarnate for as long as they continue to do so.

Starseed souls tend to have more varied experiences

Think of a child who grew up in a military family, moving around the country and even overseas every few years. This is the best earthly metaphor for the souls who identify as star travelers. Starseeds typically will choose to incarnate on various other planets including Earth, once their formative incarnations are completed. This gives the starseed a lot of unique learning experiences, but they still carry the energies of their original home planet. In my experience about 30% of star traveler souls will enjoy a second place of incarnation so much that they will also take on the energies of that location but to a lesser extent than their original planet. At this time non-starseed souls, souls that chose to incarnate on Earth for their first incarnations, and as a result only have lifetimes on Earth are very well versed with life here. So, what does this mean for the starseed that is currently on Earth? Starseeds will often stand out as being a bit ‘different’ than an Earth soul. Depending on their amount of Earthly experience (e.g., number of previous lifetimes on this planet, how different their home world is to Earth vibrationally, etc.) some may struggle with life here or even being in a human body and not know why. They may disagree with or not follow established earthly traditions or the existing power structures and go their own way in life and often be chastised for this by others. At times this can feel very lonely and confusing for the starseed soul, especially if one is not consciously aware that they come from the stars, nonetheless they do have a specific reason for being here.

Earth is a testing ground for souls and a realm in the midst of major change

Earth was intentionally designed as the most difficult realm in our Universe. Souls that choose to come here are brave. I would consider Earth souls to be very brave. Star traveler souls agree to come here for reasons including; to learn lessons at a faster pace, help society progress in some way, bring spiritual enlightenment, or to support the Earth souls who are going through dimensional transitions like we are experiencing now. Many will identify as light workers, a term for those who feel a pull at the soul level to assist others or the Earth itself in healing via spiritual and/or metaphysical modalities. Starseeds bring a variety of energies, skills, and ideas to this world. After all, if everyone was the same we’d progress much more slowly and life would be quite dull. Starseeds often group together on Earth, but they will also have family members and friends who are Earth souls. Not all starseeds have friends or family members from the same exact planet of origination, certain soul groups will have a special affinity for one another while others may not. However, I have noticed that when people of the same place of soul origin meet while in earthly bodies they generally will understand each other at a deep level. However, no soul is better or more special then any other, they are all from the same Creator and we are all one, the only difference is the choices that soul made along in their journey. It is these choices that have given each soul their own unique energy signature that they bring forward whenever they incarnate. Each and every soul, regardless of where they are from is important in their own way and adds to the fabric of our Universe and Universes beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about your soul’s origins and if you may be a starseed click here.

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When not channeling information from the Akashic Records, you will find me planning an international adventure, gardening, being in nature, or spending time with my husband and animals. I live on the East Coast of the U.S., my favorite color is blue, and my soul group of origination is Arcturian.

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“Erin is fantastic at what she does. I never felt for a minute like I was being told what I wanted to hear. Everything resonated with me, and I enjoyed the way she detailed the information she provided me. Highly recommended!”

– Gabriel L., Frazier Park

“My reading with Erin was fantastic! She is very thorough and answered all of my questions. The information she obtained about my record was invaluable. It helped me confirm that l am on the right path and the gifts and lessons to focus on in this lifetime. Thank you Erin!”

– Kristin S., New Jersey

“My reading was a revealing process into my souls entire existence from the beginning till present, and at times it left me speechless. The reading was done professionally and with kindness, so that these revelations could be processed and understood in the context of my present being. She was clear and concise in her explanations and I will never forget the evening of the reading which I refer to as a spiritual axiom. From that moment on my life became completely different as I became aware of my entire spirit and a feeling of calmness slowly filled me. I highly recommend anyone to have their Akashic Record read by Erin. The respect, support and thorough explanations made it a complete and comfortable experience.”

– David S., Wilmington, DE

“If you want to know how old your soul is, which star system you came from, how many lifetimes, what special skills and gifts you have, why you are here on Earth now, what is your purpose, how come you just know some things and not know how or why, and so much more. You’ve come to the right being in Erin to find the answers to those questions plus answers to things you hadn’t thought about.

I live in Australia, Erin in the USA, so we had our meeting via Zoom to discuss the reading. Erin and I are strangers, yet she was telling me about my likes, dislikes, character and traits, strengths and weaknesses that only I know or suspected. Erin was so spot on with so many things it was uncanny. All done with respect, it was like having an old friend talk to you about your life/lives. Her skill as an Akashic Record Reader is outstanding and the calm manner she has in sharing your record with you is re-assuring.

Erin, respect and much love to you for the information you gave me through your skill, it has helped me greatly and put many things into perspective.”

– Richard C., Brisbane, Australia