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Introducing the Syrmas: In Service to Others

December 27, 2023: Starseeds that have had their first incarnations on planet Iota Virginis in the Virgo Constellation belong to this soul group. The beings prefer to be called “Syrma” or “Syrmas” which is their planets’ Arabic name. Syrma star travelers are somewhat uncommon with 1 out of every 4,000 souls on Earth having their origins there. These souls will have lifetimes on Earth to both learn life lessons and to assist. In general, Syrma starseeds tend to be more other-focused. The Syrmas are a benevolent race of avian/reptilian hybrids.

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Introducing Awevl: Timekeepers of the Universe

December 11, 2023: This is a highly unusual soul group to come up in an Akashic Record reading for a soul currently on Earth, because this group doesn’t incarnate here. The only reason a starseed soul originating from this group will incarnate here is if they also have a secondary place their soul is aligned with, and that group has earthly lives. Starseeds who belong to this group will have had their foundational lifetimes on planet Alpha Pegasi in the Pegasus Constellation. The Arabic name for the star is “Markab”. However, the beings who live on Markab prefer to be known by what they call themselves, which is “Awevl.”

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Introducing Zaniah: Sensitive Amphibious Beings

September 12, 2023: Beings who live on Eta Viriginis in the Virgo Constellation introduced themselves to me a year and a half ago through client Akashic Record readings. It has taken me awhile to read for enough starseed clients who’ve originated from this amphibious world to confirm my research. This group prefers to be called by their planets’ Arabic name which is “Zaniah.”

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Introducing Minkar: Science Over Emotions

June 8, 2023: The beings that inhabit planet Epsilon Corvi in the Corvus Constellation introduced themselves to me through client Akashic Record Readings early this year. The beings that occupy that world prefer to be known by their planet’s Arabic name, “Minkar.” This is a benevolent group that only 1 out of every 300,000 starseed souls currently on Earth have their origins. The Minkars began sending a few trusted souls to have lifetimes on Earth approximately 5,000 years ago. This was for these souls to gather and send information back on how life is here and for the Minkars to collectively decide if they wanted to incarnate on Earth en masse in the future.

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Earth Souls: The Planetary Majority

Earth souls, the soul group most prevalent on this planet, are ironically the least seen amongst Akashic Record reading clients. Earth souls are not considered “starseeds” because they chose Earth to be their home world and as a result, only incarnate here. These souls are no different from any other soul, even those from the highest dimension realms in our Universe, but they have chosen this path for themselves.

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Introducing Cofo: A World of Change

April 15, 2023: I was first introduced to this starseed soul group last year when doing my own Akashic Record research. I inquired if there was a particular race of beings that feel compelled to drastically change their external appearance when in earthly lifetimes. The response I was given was “yes” and they come from Gamma Corvi in the Corvus Constellation. The Arabic name for this planet is “Gienah” but the beings prefer to be known by their own name for their realm, which is “Cofo.” Cofo is a neighbor of Alchiba. Eventually clients who originated from Cofo began booking readings with me and I had the opportunity to discover how these energies are expressed in earthly lifetimes.

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Procyon: A Closer Look

Alpha Canis Minoris is the scientific name for Procyon and is the most prominent star in the Canis Minor Constellation. Procyon is an already known but not well understood soul group. The main reason for this is that Procyon starseeds rarely come up in Akashic Record client readings. Most Akashic Record Readers will infrequently, if ever, read for a client with these origins. However, I started getting a run of Procyon starseed clients and that encouraged me to investigate them further. Why are Procyon souls so rare?

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Unveiling Venus, Earth’s Mysterious Neighbor

Nearly two years after I began my investigation into Venus, I was finally granted permission to visit their planet and interact with the beings that lived there. When I wrote the blog “The Truth About Venus” I mentioned that I was not allowed to travel there at that time. Although, I trusted my sources of information, both John of Zavijava and the Akashic Records themselves, I was frustrated that I couldn’t experience Venus for myself. Not only did the Venusians allow me to visit them, but I was granted permission to have a drawing created of their likeness and to release it publicly. While they are a benevolent race, the Venusians tell me that this access is for ‘educational purposes’ only.

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Introducing the Anlkkols: Masters of Manifestation and Crystal Technology

December 31, 2022: I encountered these beings through client Akashic Record readings a while ago, but since they show up so infrequently, it has taken me a long time to get to know them. The Anlkkols call the planet Beta Phoenicis in the Phoenix Constellation, home. Anlkkol souls don’t usually have earthly incarnations. These starseeds have lifetimes here due to an association with another soul group that does incarnate on Earth. This is also how the Mylo and Beta Pegasi soul groups end up here. Nonetheless, the Anlkkols are a benevolent race of beings who desire to help but prefer to do so indirectly. Anlkkols have a history of enslavement in their distant past and they are not so enthusiastic about reliving it here on Earth. These souls prefer to serve on Spirit Guide teams to support others.

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What is a Walk-In Soul?

One of the most frequent questions I get as an Akashic Record reader is regarding the “walk-in soul” phenomena. Despite many who believe that they may be walk-in souls or that certain individuals in the public eye are, it remains an uncommon event. I have researched the Akashic Records of several people who are rumored to be walk-ins and they are, in fact, not walk-ins at all. This is not to say that walk-in souls don’t exist; it’s just not as common of a practice as many believe.  A major reason for this is because souls find it more interesting and have more growth potential when they play out an entire lifetime. A soul may start off a lifetime being selfish or a bad person but can still turn their life journey completely around to be a positive force in this world. One does not need...

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Introducing Mylo: The Happiest Reptilians in the Universe

December 9, 2022: It was through client Akashic Record readings that I was introduced to this planet and was pleasantly surprised when meeting the beings who lived there. Souls who began their incarnation journey on planet “Mylo” belong to this starseed group. I am told that Mylo is the name the inhabitants of the planet use for their realm, therefore, they wished to be called by their actual name and not location. The scientific name we use for Mylo found on our star maps is Omnicron Virginis and it is in the Virgo Constellation. Mylos are a rarity on Earth, with approximately 1 out of every 80,000 souls originating from there.

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Seven Planets That Universally Power the Chakras

All incarnated beings, regardless of what planet they may be having an experience on, are connected to the Universe. Every soul originates from the same Source energy and we remain connected even when in our individual incarnated bodies. Any separation between us is imagined. Some may think we are only connected to Earth and the other planets in our solar system while here, but we are indeed affected while in the physical through our chakra system by the entire cosmos.

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About Erin Lynn

When not channeling information from the Akashic Records, you will find me planning an international adventure, gardening, being in nature, or spending time with my husband and animals. I live on the East Coast of the U.S., my favorite color is blue, and my soul group of origination is Arcturian.

What others are saying

“I am totally amazed by my reading and how it answered a lot of my inner thoughts and feelings of why and who I am. Erin was very smooth and consistent during the reading and relaying the information she had gathered. I received very intriguing information about my souls’ journey and former lives. She did a wonderful job and I agree that she has a gift to share with others.”

– Bonnie R., Pennsylvania

“Erin’s reading is thorough, structured and well-researched. She walked me through my record methodically, taking care to check in and make sure I understood as I followed along. She is very responsive and readily answers my questions to help me build the context around my record. You really only need your record read once with Erin to have all the key information you need for this lifetime.”

– Joanna, New York, NY

“Having my Akashic Record read by Erin was like therapy and I got some needed answers. It was much more significant than a “past life reading.” I was given an understanding of why I’ve faced certain challenges and what my purpose in life is. It was like she already knew me, and everything she told me made sense. It was just what I needed to help me stay focused and get through these difficult times in our world.”

– Sharon D.