Introducing the Syrmas: In Service to Others

Image depicting two Syrma beings on their home world. One is flying and the other standing on two-legs; both postures are illustrating typical Syrma behavior. These beings also perch amongst the branches in their massive trees. The Syrma in the foreground is waving hello as they are fond of Earth humans and incarnate into earthly lifetimes to help. Artwork by Rina Minta.


December 27, 2023: This is a group that was found through client Akashic Record readings eight months ago. Starseeds that have had their first incarnations on planet Iota Virginis in the Virgo Constellation belong to this soul group. The beings prefer to be called “Syrma” or “Syrmas” which is their planets’ Arabic name. Syrma star travelers are somewhat uncommon with 1 out of every 4,000 souls on Earth having their origins there. These souls will have lifetimes on Earth to both learn life lessons and to assist. In general, Syrma starseeds tend to be more other-focused.

This is a tight-knit group, with many Syrma souls remaining in their home world for many lives even though they are free to experience other realms. These souls began incarnating on Earth collectively approximately 10,000 years ago and have an average of 24 earthly lifetimes. This is a group who rarely takes on Blueprinter or Spirit Parallel roles. However, Syrma souls were on Earth in larger numbers during Ancient Egypt, European Reformation, Vedic Period, World War I, and on Easter Island. These were all spiritually charged periods on Earth where change was either poised to occur and/or existing high vibrational cultures were defending against opposition attempting to destroy them.

Historically, Syrmas have had a keen interest in the happenings on Earth as they have already endured a similarly difficult ascension process that we are currently experiencing. The Syrmas tell me “We have valuable insight to give to Earth. We’ve done this before.”



These souls struggle with being ‘people pleasers’ when in earthly incarnations



Syrma beings are humble; they have tremendous respect for the free-will of others. These beings are adept at acknowledging what others bring to the table and they deeply respect with those they interact. Both self-respect and the respect of others is something the Syrmas hold up as important in their society. They are also very resourceful and can make the best of what they have. Syrma beings, on their home world, have a history of not being firm or acting early enough when they do ultimately spring to action. These souls may struggle to step into their own power when immersed in this dense reality we call Earth.

In addition to being in service of others, Syrma souls often choose to incarnate on Earth to work issues out for themselves and to grow. Syrma star travelers are extremely polite and may ‘bite their tongue’ and hold back opinions when they shouldn’t. These starseeds can be ‘people pleasers’ to their own detriment. When these souls have lifetimes on Earth it can be a painful reminder of their home world’s past traumas. As a result this sometimes makes them exhibit  ‘doormat behavior’ towards others who are more controlling. When on Earth Syrma souls take the opportunity to commonly learn the life lessons of boldness, belonging, centeredness, speaking their minds, and receiving.



It’s not only Syrma starseeds incarnating here, their ships visit Earth too



Syrma is a physical realm that is still in existence today. In their past, they have ascended from the 3rddimension and are now in the 7th dimension. Syrmas embrace technology but use restraint. Technology is used, when necessary (e.g., their fantastic spaceships) but they embrace the authentic beauty of their home world as that is of equal importance. Flying these ships and off-world travel is commonplace with this group. They are quite active within our Universe including the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL). I am told that they are well liked and have no known enemies. These beings have been entering Earths’ airspace in their own ships for the last few hundred years. Syrma ships are 3-dimensional cubes which look to be made of smooth, opaque black metal from the outside. However, when traveling inside these ships you can see through the walls for a perfect 360-degree view.

Their realm looks somewhat like Earth but with more vibrancy. There are swirly cloud looking portals in their sky that they use for off-world travel. Their vast mountain ranges are bright red. The Syrma realm has five different colored moons that seem to rotate in the sky around the sun at various times of the day. I am told that the Syrmas work with the Awevls a lot. The Awevls are in control of Universal timelines. If the Awevls observe a potential issue arising the Syrmas are deployed to be the first line of defense to go in and may work with a government or military to resolve the issue. The Syrmas, due to their own history of oppression and successful ascension, have a vast knowledge of cause and effect and how to remedy potential timeline problems. I was told that the Syrmas have also worked to assist Proxima Centauri and Alkes in the past.



Syrmas are an intelligent and kind avian species



Syrmas are intellectuals and have always used their intelligence as a force of good. While Syrma beings are more logical and not as emotional as we humans are on Earth, they are still capable of tremendous empathy. They are a bird/reptilian hybrid species that share genetic similarities with the Cofos. They can stand upright like a bi-pedal human form but are covered in a combination of short, smooth, stunningly vibrant blue feathers and rough scales. The Syrmas can walk upright or easily fly using their powerful wings, just like a bird. They also have arms so they can operate their ships. Syrmas are about 6.5’ tall and can speak both verbally and telepathically. Their eyesight is particularly sharp so they can see in detail from far distances in both day and nighttime.

Starseeds with Syrma origins frequently have an affinity for bright colors and a knowledge of how colors should go together. The Syrmas told me, “Each color has its own unique vibration and energy. Colors are another way to communicate emotions as well as to make something visually beautiful.” While in earthly lives souls with these origins are often creative. They will be drawn to utilize their inherent understanding of color theory in some way whether it be a career or a hobby. If this resonates and you’d like to have your Akashic Record read by me, click here.





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