Introducing Proxima Centauri: A World of Natural Beauty and Free Expression

Image of a Proxima Centurian male surrounded by the vibrant nature that is found on Proxima Centauri. Artwork by Rina Minta Art.

January 20, 2022 The Proxima Centaurians are a starseed soul group I recently discovered and since have read for several clients who come from this realm. Souls that originally chose to incarnate on Proxima Centauri in the Centarus Constellation belong to this group. This is a tiny planet that is located between two realms that are already known to us on Earth. However, this planet is so small that it is often overlooked on our current star and constellation maps. Akashic Record readers are well acquainted with souls who come from the realms on either side of Proxima Centauri. Those planets are Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri or Hadar, which is the Arabic and preferred name for Beta Centauri.


However, the Proxima Centaurians do not want to be lumped in with their neighbors as they have their own unique energies and reasons for incarnating into earthly lifetimes. These beings tell me that, “they are their own island.” There is no animosity between these neighboring planets but they are not really involved with them either. Proxima Centauri is a very small planet that also has a sparse population. I’m told the current population is approximately 15,000, so they are rare because there aren’t many of them to begin with. It is not an isolationist group but many simply choose to keeping reincarnating on their home world over and over again because they love it. This is very similar behavior to the Alphirkian soul group. It was explained that, “Proxima Centauri is the gem of the Centaurus constellation, small but beautiful. There is no desire to leave this stunning planet.”


Only some Proxima Centaurians are up for the challenges that Earth provides


Not all Proxima Centaurians choose to incarnate on Earth, but when they do it is to learn life lessons or to experience something specific for their own growth. This group has been coming to Earth very intermittently for 40,000 years with an average of just 13 earthly lifetimes. It is quite rare for a Proxima Centaurian to take on a Blueprinter role. This is in contrast to their close neighbors, the Alpha Centaurians and the Hadarians, which possess much more experience here often having over 100 earthly lifetimes. Time periods where there were the most Proxima Centaurians on Earth were: the Indus Valley Civilization, Europe During the Middle Ages, the Russian Revolution, and they typically have multiple Native American lifetimes. I was told that the Native American way of life was comparable to how the Proxima Centaurians live on their home world.


These extremely benevolent beings prefer to use natural technologies, what they refer to as “God’s tech.” When I asked them to show me the technology they use, one revealed a purple crystal in his hand. These beings do not have spaceships “we stay here” they said. Proxima Centaurians are very down-to-Earth, they enjoy the simple life, and revere nature. Their planet is entirely vegetarian as killing animals is prohibited by law.


What energies do the Proxima Centaurian souls share when on Earth?


Proxima Centaurians are extremely humble and have a tight-knit, family-oriented social structure. The entire community takes a role in raising the children. The children live with their biological mother and father, but the parents alongside the entire community will raise them. Everyone works together and they help each other out. When in an earthly lifetime these souls will usually decide not to have children because the thought of parenthood as commonly practiced on this planet will appear overwhelming to them. Their society brings energies of unconditionality, flexibility in thinking, and total freedom to express oneself in a unique way. They are very emotional beings, even more than us Earth humans. Some Proxima Centaurians may opt for earthly lifetimes as performers, particularly stage performers, as they have a soul urge to freely express feelings and emotions.


Nonetheless, beings from this soul group really struggle to remain light-hearted when faced with problems. They frequently come to Earth to learn perseverance because they are not accustomed to adversity and tend to give up too easily. They also learn resourcefulness because Proxima Centauri is a resource-rich planet with a low population, whereas perceived scarcity is the name of the game on Earth. Success is also a common life lesson Proxima Centaurian souls learn because they are not familiar with the concept of breaking away from the rest of the group in terms of societal stature, rank, or wealth. However, their society does still use a type asset backed currency but they don’t put much importance on it and it’s on its way of being phased out. A Proxima Centaurian soul in an earthly body will be sensitive, not afraid to show their emotions and feelings, they are good communicators but can shut down when faced with obstacles.


Proxima Centauri is a beautiful planet that completely embraces the natural gifts of their realm


Proxima Centauri is a physical realm in the 5th dimension and is still in existence today. Everything there is just a bit smaller than things we have here. They were very friendly and excited to show me around. I get the sense that they are very proud of their planet. Their language is mostly spoken with some telepathic communication. The realm consists of unspoiled natural elements. The sky is light purple during the day and dark purple at nighttime. The realm has lots of beautiful and colorful flowers. Proxima Centauri has a tropical climate, meaning there’s no winter as its warm all year, but they don’t have palm trees like we associate with tropical climates on Earth. I saw crystal clear streams flowing over mini waterfalls. There is abundant wildlife living in harmony with the Proxima Centaurian beings. I observed lots of tropical birds flying around and what looked like red squirrel-like animals running along the ground.


The beaches are bright orange and the water is light blue. The Proxima Centaurians are about 3.5’ tall and have very light blue skin that has a slight silvery sheen. They are bald (even the females) with small ears and are humanoid looking. They live in several villages spread around the planet containing A-framed dwellings in order to keep space for nature. These souls will frequently incarnate on Regulus, another planet inhabited by small beings.


The Proxima Centaurians are so open, kind, and welcoming. I really enjoy interacting with them. If these qualities resonate with you and you think you may be a Proxima Centaurian starseed soul, click here to have your Akashic Record researched by me.

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