Introducing Regulus: A Realm of Alternating Existence

Two Regulan beings in their physical form. Artwork by Nicole Chi


January 6, 2022 When I first encountered these beings they were uncomfortable being known on Earth. They were concerned that we on Earth were not ready to understand them and were not particularly interested in interacting with Earthlings, myself included. I uncovered them ‘accidentally’ as I do most of the soul groups I have found, through reading for starseed clients that call this realm home. However, over time and with me being patient they gradually built some trust and allowed me to reveal them publicly. Regulans originate from the planet Regulus or Alpha Leonis also referred as “the Little King”. This realm is technically located in the Leo Constellation, however they currently affiliate themselves with the neighboring Sextants Constellation.


This planet has had a history of war and betrayal


Their past difficulties with other planetary beings make them tread lightly when engaging with other dimensions, especially 3 dimensional worlds. In the very distant past, the Regulans changed their affiliation due to a war between the Leo and the Sextants Constellation planets. During this war the Regulans sided with the Sextantians, which angered the other Leo Constellation planets. As a result of this infighting, a very unique situation occurred, one that has not happened in our Universe before or since. Regulus severed ties and left their original constellation to join another. The location of the planet did not change, just their affiliation. Because of this, the current Sextantian worlds are all very tight-knit. These series of traumatic events have impacted the Regulan soul group immensely and some will incarnate on Earth to work out karma and learn life lessons. Only 10% of Regulan souls would even consider incarnating here.


Regulan souls are complex and inexperienced with life on Earth


Even though they are not particularly fond of our realm, when a Regulan soul does incarnate on Earth it is often to support its inhabitants in some way. They also sign up to learn. Regulans do care about this planet and the souls incarnated here. However, they have had so many problems in their own past history that they don’t want to get too involved in what’s currently going on. Some Regulans are Blueprinters of Earth (especially Originator and Technician subtypes) but these souls are generally new to incarnating here. They have only been coming here en masse for about 5,000 years with an average of 15 lifetimes. Therefore, Regulans are not particularly experienced with earthly life nor do I get the sense that they enjoy it. The catalyst for these souls to incarnate here was that they saw the need for their support coupled with the big challenges life on Earth presents. Hence creating the opportunity for learning and their own collective healing.

The life lessons a Regulan soul would commonly be coming to Earth include; prosperity, perseverance, trust, loyalty, love/attachment, abundance, and achievement. The prosperity and abundance life lessons frequently revolve around money as currency is a foreign concept to them. A concept they find both abhorrent and odd. They take on this lesson to see what it is like and to understand the concept of money better. Regulans frequently have Earth lifetimes where they have a lot of money. Although these beings are naturally resilient, they take on the lesson of perseverance because they enjoy mental and physical challenges. The lessons of trust, loyalty, and love/attachment are popular because of the history surrounding the Regulans’ loyalties being questioned, their trust being broken in a big way, and working out what it means to be attached to or belong in a group. Achievement also is common with Regulan souls because classes, ranks, and/or awards don’t exist on their planet. Many Regulans will take on earthly lives where they experience going up or down in the ‘ranks’ of our society.

The time periods in which there were the most Regulan souls incarnated on Earth were Europe during the Middle Ages, Russian Revolution, World War II, and many have had Aboriginal Australian lifetimes.  I also find my Regulan starseed clients to be a contradiction. Many are quite analytical, they love facts and data, and many have an interest or career in the sciences. However, without fail all the Regulans I’ve read for are also very spiritual and have natural psychic leanings. Sometimes this dichotomy is difficult for these clients to reconcile in their own lives and minds.


Regulus is a fascinating world that challenged my views about what’s physical and what’s non-physical


The planet is technically non-physical and resonates in the 9th dimension. Their realm is still in existence. These beings are highly spiritual and know that “spirituality is the soul”. I am told that the Regulan culture really celebrates the soul aspect of themselves. They possess additional positive qualities such as being adventurous as they aren’t afraid to take anything on. These beings bring the energy of mercy and forgiveness; Regulan souls also have a lot of integrity and speak their minds. They are relatively rare here with slightly less than 2 out of every 1,000 souls currently on Earth being Regulans.

In the Akashic Records, Regulus is considered a non-physical realm. Their first interactions with me were not on their planet.  Only telepathic communication was used as I was initially blocked from astral traveling there. Regulans are cautious. They appeared to me as typical non-physical beings. They looked to me like detailed white outlines of male and female human faces. Their ‘skin’ looked black because they are against a black background and presented to me with lots of small pink and blue lights around their heads. Since I have been fortunate to travel to many unknown, to Earth, locations I have observed what non-physical and physical realms look like. No planet is exactly the same as they all have their own unique energies and ways of life. However, I had developed a ‘stereotype’ of what a non-physical world generally looks like. Regulus and the beings that inhabit it shattered that stereotype for me.

This is the first planet I’ve encountered where they can switch from being a physical place, as physical as it is on Earth, to completely non-physical and shapeless, much like Zavijava, Ruchbah, and Alpha Doradus. The Regulans can switch from non-physical to physical at any time and transforming to the non-physical form seems like a protective measure. When I asked about which form they preferred to exist in they replied, “there is no issue with either way of being, they are content to exist in either physicality. There is much to be learned and experience in either existence.”

In its physical form, Regulus is pristine and sparkly (that is the best way I can describe it). They have green grass, crystal clear pools of water, yellow flowers, massive mushrooms, with trees and boulders. Their sky is blue with a blue sun that shines onto a huge pink crystalline mountain. The interaction between their sun and this crystal mountain is what creates all the energy for this land. Regulus is abundant with energy and I am told that is why everything appears ‘sparkly’ to me. According to the Regulans, this pink crystal in not found on Earth. The Regulans themselves are small, about 18” to 24” tall and elven like. The rest of their realm is regular sized, which isn’t a problem for them because they can fly due to the power of their minds. Regulans do not have wings.

I am grateful for the mind-expanding experience that interacting with the Regulans has provided me. If this resonates with you and you think you may be a Regulan starseed soul, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

Regulan being in non-physical form. Artwork by Nicole Chi.

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