Introducing The Alpha Doradians: Creators of our Suns

On the left is the non-physical form the Alpha Doradians sometimes take when on their planet but the golden ball of light in the center is the most common way I see them. The being on the right is an Alpha Doradian when in a physical form. This physical form seems only to be taken when they are off Alpha Doradus and flying their ships as they are very active in the Galactic Federation of Light. Artwork by Nicole Chi.  


May 22, 2021: Alpha Doradus, the brightest star in the Dorado Constellation, became known to me as I was reading for souls who identified as Blueprint Designers on this Earth realm. Blueprint Designers are a subcategory of starseed souls who initially created Earth as directed by God/Source/The Creator, and these Blueprint Designers in particular represent the second smallest population out of all the Earth Blueprinter job categories. It’s important to note, that not all Blueprint Designers are Alpha Doradians there are other soul groups who are also were tasked with this job. Therefore, star travelers who come from Alpha Doradus are uncommon here on Earth. I am told by my Akashic Record Spirit Guides that 25% of Blueprint Designers and 10% of Blueprint Originators originally come from there. They have remained undetected for so long because Blueprinter souls, especially the two large scale creator groups consisting of the Originators and Designers, often obscure their home world affiliation in their Akashic Record.  However, they can also come up as a secondary place of importance for a soul (e.g., an Alpha Caelian starseed who has spent many lifetimes on Alpha Doradus and hence has taken on some of their energies).


Alpha Doradus is one of the highest places of vibration in the Universe


Alpha Doradus is a realm of extremely high vibration and resonates at the 15th dimension, the same level of vibration as Zavijava, Ankaa and Source energy. Alpha Doradians are in the rare situation to be one of the very few realms to reach this level. Alpha Doradians have been around our Universe for a very long time and are some of the most skilled big picture creators in existence. This planet is still in existence today and is non-physical, therefore the Alpha Doradians have light bodies and look like flying golden orbs that can change shape at will. Part of the reason that Alpha Doradians don’t care to incarnate on Earth is the difference in vibration, going from the 15th dimension to the 3rd or 5th dimension is extremely difficult (and unpleasant). However, as a group they have a keen interest in Earth and its ascension but they see this place as “too dangerous” and prefer to help from afar by sending helpful energies our way. These souls specialize in the energies of hope, moderation, mercy/forgiveness, respect, authenticity, and sincerity.


They are creation experts who specialize in the sun and light


When God decided that light and sun were necessary, the Alpha Doradians agreed to make it a reality. They also continue to provide the light and nourishment that each sun provides to their respective planets/realms. Note that I mentioned each sun, as there are currently 52 suns in this Universe alone. If any future suns need to be created, the Alpha Doradians are there to manifest it. If God mandates that a sun be extinguished then the Alpha Doradians are responsible for that task too. Therefore, any Blueprint Originator that developed how the sun moves or interacts with the moon on Earth will be an Alpha Doradian soul. Any Blueprint Designer that was responsible for how the sun looks, colored light, reflective qualities of light, etc…. you guessed it are also Alpha Doradians!


Alpha Doradus is what some refer to as our “Central Sun”


This realm manages all aspects of light in our Universe, and perhaps even other Universes too. You may have heard that there exists a “Central Sun” but it’s not like our sun, a hot, fiery, ball of heat in the sky. Instead it’s more of a generator of sorts powering all of the suns. This generator is the Alpha Doradian realm and it is very quiet/serene, cool in temperature, and blue. This sun generator realm looks nothing like what we would imagine a sun to be. I know this sounds wild but this is what I have been told to be true in the Akashic Records and I have astral projected to Alpha Doradus a few times to see and experience this for myself.

We know that sunlight is a basic necessity for life, but light also controls consciousness. God created the light codes that stimulate consciousness awakening but Alpha Doradus is the keeper and disseminator of these codes. These light codes are the keys to awakening ourselves spiritually. Hopefully, you can now see how vital a role Alpha Doradus plays in all of this!


What qualities do these star traveler souls bring when on Earth?


In general, when an Alpha Doradian does incarnate on Earth they don’t have many incarnations under their belt. So even though they may have helped create this place it doesn’t mean they have a lot of experience being here. Firstly, they are not accustomed to being in a physical body so many people who come from this soul group have an uncomfortable relationship with their body and/or not understand our obsession with our earthly bodies. These people are private and tend to keep to themselves although they can be quite talkative when saying what is on their minds or if they don’t like something. As a place of incarnation Alpha Doradus is a very calm place that is sparsely populated, so these souls prefer life to be calm and don’t manage chaos very well. Many feel unsure about being here and can have a strong distrust of other people and/or existing earthly power structures. They are family-oriented and express a nurturing quality to those they are close to and have built trust with. Giving respect and receiving the appropriate amount of respect is also very important to these souls. They can be hard on themselves for any perceived mistake as they are responsible people who try very hard in life.

Naturally, they love the sun and the warmth it brings. They may choose to incarnate in sunnier climates but that’s not always the case. Nonetheless, they will love to bask in the sun whenever possible and be someone who is frequently cold even when no one else in the room is. Alpha Doradian souls on Earth often learn the lessons of light-heartedness, trust, emotionality (Alpha Doradians are not emotional beings), tolerance, and confidence.


Alpha Doradians relationship with other planetary beings can be complex


This sun development expertise has made the Procyon soul group quite connected to the Alpha Doradians. The Procyons are a rarely seen starseed group on Earth as they are an isolationist group that does not allow their souls to incarnate on other planets and if they do they cannot return. Procyon beings are known to be the best in the Universe at utilizing sunlight for their own nourishment. So, many of Alpha Doradian souls may incarnate on Procyon if their expertise is needed there and those souls that decide to leave Procyon permanently often make Alpha Doradus their new home. The other place of incarnation that I see most often with the Alpha Doradians is Alpha Caeli. The Caelum Constellation is next door to the Dorado Constellation and both Alpha Caeli and Alpha Doradus are non-physical realms, so they all have light bodies. Alpha Doradians excel at creation and manifestation and are not as good in their healing skills. Enter the Alpha Caelians who are expert healers but not as proficient in creation. I often read for Alpha Caelian souls that have a secondary place of incarnation in Alpha Doradus and vice versa. The Alpha Caelians go to Alpha Doradus to learn creation/manifestation skills and the Alpha Doradians incarnate on Alpha Caeli to learn healing.

The Alpha Doradians have an interesting relationship with the Ankaans as they are two of the more prolific creators of realms in the Universe. Both have a very close working relationship with Source energy so they must work together. Although, I am told that many Alpha Doradians feel they don’t receive enough recognition for their advancements and creations and that the Ankaans are given too much esteem amongst the other planetary beings. As a result the relationship between these two planets is strictly an as needed business one and they rarely incarnate on each others planets.

Alpha Doradians are some of the most extraordinary beings in our Universe. If you would like to confirm if you may be an Alpha Doradian starseed soul click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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