Zavijavans: An Introduction to The Masters of Enlightenment

External view images of the Zavijavans in their shapeless realm. On the left is the base form of a Zavijavan light-being. On the right is a form they will frequently take, but they can change into any form they wish. Artwork by Whitney Schiller.


June 23, 2021: Zavijava or Beta Virginis is an ancient realm which is located in the Virgo Constellation. They are neighbors to Spica with whom they have a good relationship. I discovered this unique soul group through my Akashic Record research a long time ago. However, it took awhile for me to eventually read for enough of these starseed clients. Zavijava is not a physical realm as it is inhabited by light beings who resonate in the 15th dimension (along with Ankaa and Alpha Doradus). This realm still exists and I’m told is “thriving.” Zavijavans incarnate on Earth to contribute and support to raising the vibration here and/or to practice their specialized skills in an exceptionally low-density environment. It should be noted that their contributions are traditionally energetic in nature but are no less important. 


The Zavijavans wrote the book on enlightenment


The Zavijavans were tasked by the Creator to develop a system to remain completely balanced energetically and connected to God even when faced with adversity. This became known as the codes of enlightenment (which means reaching a state of balance that is beyond all human suffering and keeping a perfectly balanced aura at all times). The Zavijavans have not only developed these codes, but have embodied them so completely, that they no longer need them. Due to the Zavijavan’s generous and selfless natures, their neighbors the Spicans, were given and currently hold the codes of enlightenment.

In a 15th dimension world,  how hard can remaining enlightened be? Not very difficult at all and that is why Zavijavans incarnate on other planets where they can practice the art of enlightenment in a more difficult environment. While doing so they still bring forth those balanced Zavijavan energies and deep spiritual knowledge with them to assist other souls they come in contact with. 

Nonetheless, these souls can struggle to remain balanced/enlightened when in an earthly incarnation. Yet these souls will have a natural inclination to return to balance when faced with struggles. In addition to their enlightenment expertise, Zavijavan souls bring forth the qualities of faith, unconditionality, balance, awareness of spirit and other peoples’ needs, self-discipline, and tolerance.


These souls are spiritually advanced when incarnated on Earth


Zavijavan souls have been coming here for about 5,000 years and their average amount of Earthly lifetimes are 25. Once they do start incarnating here, they tend to have lots of back-to-back lifetimes and just go where is needed to “stop the bleeding.” As a collective soul group they feel an urgency to step in and help along Earths’ ascension. When incarnated on Earth these people are very spiritual, selfless, and have lots of love for every living thing (be it man, animal, or plant). There is an element of eccentricity with these souls; a delightful quirkiness is present in most Zavijavan starseeds I have read for. Since Zavijavans frequently dance in their home world “in order to move energy throughout the body.” When these souls incarnate into an earthly lifetime it’s not uncommon for them to enjoy and/or be naturally good at dancing also.  

Zavijavan starseeds are often naturals at being spiritual leaders/healers. They are not typically interested in religious dogma but have a great personal relationship and understanding with God and The Universe. These Earth bodies incarnated with Zavijavan starseed souls tend to be so spiritually advanced that they can be difficult to relate to for most other souls on Earth. As a result, they can have trouble fitting into society here and will generally learn to keep their spiritual knowledge to themselves and do their own thing. These souls do struggle tremendously with Earth’s density and describe life here as “ridiculous.”

They also have a difficult time receiving love, even though they give it out in large quantities to others. These souls often possess superior intellect, are extremely motivated, and have good self-discipline when on Earth. Zavijavans are rare, about 1 in 100,000 currently incarnated souls belong to this soul group. Many are currently incarnated in the US and other developed nations and choose the situations that give them the best opportunity to contribute. These souls are often found serving in leadership roles in the categories of humanitarianism, spirituality, environmentalism, and even military (when it is used to fight evil as opposed to being a General that keeps an oppressive regime going). 


A realm unlike anywhere else I have experienced


Zavijavans are extremely well respected and liked by the other benevolent races in this Universe and beyond. I am told that they tend to incarnate most often on Alpha Centauri, Hadar, Andromeda, Nof, and Spica. However, they frequently work alongside the other two 15th dimensional realms, Ankaa and Alpha Doradus, for the good of the Universe. Zavijava is responsible for maintaining balance throughout the Universe. I asked my Akashic Record Spirit Guides why this soul group was not involved in the creation of our Earth realm, unlike Ankaa and Alpha Doradus who played larger roles in it. I was told that the Zavijavans were not initially interested in the Earth experiment and they preferred to focus their energies elsewhere in order to be of assistance to the already existing realms. However, they have always watched from afar but didn’t feel the need to intervene until recently. 

Since this is a non-physical realm, Zavijavans look to me like they are balls of golden light. These light orbs can take any form they desire and they show me having their chakras completely open and all the correlating colors extending outside their golden form. Their realm itself is vast, shapeless, and indefinable as they can make whatever background and experience they want in at that moment. It’s as if their entire world is an internal projection of their own design and the external is of no consequence.

The Zavijavans have remained in the background as far as Earth is concerned for a long time. This soul group is now open to being discovered and known to us. Again, I feel as this is due to the recent increase in consciousness worldwide and acceptance of the possibility of off-world entities.  If this resonates with you and think Zavijava may be your soul group of origination, have your Akashic Record read by me, click here.

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