Introducing the Nofs: Enforcers of Universal Law

Artist representation of a being that lives on planet Nof. This planet is not represented on our current star maps. The Nofs live in underground dwellings and keep their spaceships underground as well. Despite their alarming appearance they are a benevolent group. Artwork by Rina Minta.


September 19, 2022: Starseed souls who have had their formative incarnations on planet Nof belong to this soul group. The beings that inhabit Nof are called “Nofs.” This realm exists in our Universe, but it is not reflected on our current star maps. It is an unknown planet/star to us and therefore is not a part of any known constellation. Nof is far away from Earth and it is located near the border of our Universe. I became aware of these beings after reading for some clients who belonged to this soul group. Some Nofs have been responsible for creating Earth, meaning some are Blueprinters and even a few are Blueprint Coordinators. I have read for Nof souls incarnated here who working as Spirit Parallels too. Nof starseeds aren’t only here to complete a specific job but can come up in client Akashic Record readings as a primary or secondary location for soul origins.


Nof beings are benevolent and care for the safety and security of this Universe immensely



Even though we are just now becoming acquainted with the Nofs on Earth, these beings have always been very active in our Universe. When I asked what it is they are known for, the Nofs told me “we protect the Universe.” They act as the police officers of our Universe. No, they are not handing out speeding tickets in space, instead the Nofs are very concerned with our Universe remaining in balance. They take the Universal natural laws/God’s Laws (not to be confused with maritime laws we currently have on Earth) very seriously. Further, Nofs endeavor that the Universal laws are followed by other soul groups, they provide security for our Universe, and occasionally participate in realm creation. The Nofs showed me they have their black spaceships surrounding the exterior border of our Universe, essentially guarding it. The Nofs are interested in Earth and its ascension, but they have a lot of ground to cover so their focus is not only here.

Nof souls have been incarnating on Earth for about ten thousand years with an average amount of 10 to 15 earthly lives. Therefore, this group is not particularly experienced with life here. However, those Nof souls who are Blueprinters will have many more lifetimes as they have been here longer and need to check in on their creations frequently. Common time periods and locations where Nof souls have incarnated are; Ancient Egypt, Aztec Empire, the Vietnam War, and in Polynesia.



Justice, fairness, and order are key values that Nof souls hold when in earthly bodies



Nof souls bring forward the energies of creativity in all meanings of the term, they bring forth spiritual wisdom as they commonly will have worked directly with Source/God/The Creator in past lifetimes. Nof souls are knowledgeable and involved in the big picture going-ons within our Universe. When they are in an earthly lifetime they are interested in big picture, non-denominational spiritual practices. Often when these Nof starseed souls begin questioning this world they will discover that they have a tremendous amount of spiritual knowledge already held in their subconscious. Interestingly, there seems to have been many Nof souls incarnated and surrounding Jesus Christ during his time on Earth. I can only assume it was to help support and protect Jesus during that critical lifetime in which God’s Laws were taught and reinforced on our world.

Nof souls when in earthly lifetimes are enthusiastic and motivated to make things happen. They frequently are consciously (somewhat at least) aware of their soul’s purpose when in an incarnation. These men and women will be very concerned with justice and fairness when in an earthly lifetime as they often will learn the lessons of mercy and forgiveness. Tolerance is also a common life lesson because of this inherent concern with justice and fairness. At times the Nof starseed can be quick to get offended when someone does them wrong due to their past experiences in Universal Law Enforcement. They also learn self-love because the Nof soul can be so other-focused that they can forget about taking care of themselves. Since Universal balance is so important to Nof souls, they will learn centeredness and remaining centered in a low-density world where lots of flagrant natural law breaking can and does happen. Nof clients I have read for often resonate as having the role of “the police officers” of their families. It is not uncommon for souls originating from Nof to have earthly incarnations where they are experiencing justice and crime (on both sides of the issue). These clients also have a more serious and reserved demeanor, although this can vary from soul to soul.

Nof is currently and has always been in the 9th dimension, it is an ancient realm that has been around for approximately four billion years. Since the Nofs are concerned with Universal Law and Order, they will both incarnate on and work closely with other planets such as; Ankaa, Zavijava, and Alpheratz. This makes a lot of sense as Source/God is located on Ankaa (and the Nofs make sure that God’s Laws are enforced), Zavijava is responsible for maintaining Universal balance (another concern for the Nofs), and since the Nofs work on a Universal level they often work with the beings on Alpheratz as they are the originators of our Universal Blueprint.



These beings have an intimidating physical appearance that is by design and serves a purpose



Nof is a physical planet inhabited by physical beings. They dwell underground in technologically advanced bunkers as there weren’t any surface structures that I could observe the several times I visited their world. I am told that they don’t spend much time on the surface of their planet. The Nofs monitor their spaceships from those underground lairs. Several Akashic Record reading clients I’ve worked with whose souls originate from Nof have remarked that living underground is appealing to them or they’ve had past earthly lifetimes where they’ve made underground bunkers. It’s as if living underground is a form of protection for the Nofs, as it does not seem that the surface of their planet is uninhabitable.

The beings themselves look menacing, “we look scary to you on Earth but we are very nice”, they tell me. This frightening exterior is to assist them with their job of protection and enforcement. The intimidation factor is important when chasing down extraterrestrial ‘bad guys’ wishing to do harm. Nofs have pink-gray skin, large black eyes, two holes for a nose, and a large mouth with many sharp teeth and two thin tentacles that comes out of their mouth. These tentacles are used as arms/hands although they do have two arms as well, but no legs or feet. They tend to levitate while moving around.

The Nofs I’ve interacted with are not aggressive or mean in the slightest. They are kind but are get down to business types. Nof beings are aware and observing their soul group members who are currently on Earth, but they keep their distance from them. These beings don’t generally reach out to their members but give them space to do their work here and don’t interfere. If this resonates with you, and you want to know if you are a Nof starseed, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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