Introducing the Kregs: The Universal Blueprint Creators

Image of the Kregs on Alpheratz in both their forms. The large column of light is the main portal the Kregs use to travel to other universes. The black hole the other Kreg is drawing in the sky is a custom portal to travel where ever they wish. Artwork by Nicole Chi.


May 25, 2022  I was recently introduced to these beings in an unusual way. Instead of stumbling upon this new group due to a client Akashic Record reading, a man named Ken reached out to me because he was being contacted by this undiscovered extraterrestrial group and was having trouble clearly communicating with them. I agreed to assist Ken and see if I could communicate with them in any meaningful way to obtain more information. These beings were more than happy to chat with me and show me their realm and this is how this starseed group came to be known.

These beings are from the planet Alpha Andromedae, which is the scientific name, otherwise known as Alpheratz which is the Arabic name. However, these beings do not consider themselves to be a part of the Andromeda constellation but the neighboring Pegasus Constellation instead. They refer to themselves as “Kregs.” The Kregs have been around a long time, even before our own universe was created. They are the common thread that ties all the other existing, as well as future, universes together.

The Kregs are the biggest of the big picture creators, focusing only on the creation of the structure of a universe itself


The Kregs are responsible for creating new universal blueprints. A universe is defined by all we know and can see in our sky, therefore, we cannot confirm that anything else exists by sight or by our current scientific knowledge. The existence of other universes outside our own is very conceptual for us on Earth. This does not mean that countless other universes don’t exist. The Kregs do not create new realms or planets, but they copy existing structural blueprints of other universes and create the base for a new one. As a result, they tend to oversee all the realms in the universes in a very high-level manner. I am told that the Kregs are known by the same name in every universe and have both a home base and maintain a presence in each one.

They show me how they can jump from one universe to another and referred to themselves as “Blueprint Jumpers.” This universal blueprint jumping activity is not a job description, unlike the individual planet creators (e.g., Blueprint Originators, Blueprint Technicians, etc.). It is simply an ability they have as a group. Physical travel, as opposed to astral travel, to another universe is not easy.  Starseed souls from other universes do have lifetimes on Earth, but they are less common (approximately 5% of all souls currently here are from various other universes). In general, incarnating souls stay mostly within their own home universe. Whenever Akashic Record readers have clients that have their soul origins from unknown planets in other universes, even when their soul is in an earthly body, a part of their consciousness is still in the original universe. This presents as these clients feeling not particularly present in their current lives or being a bit absent-minded or frequently lost in thought according to those around them. I see this trait also in the Spirit Parallel souls I have read for. However, this is not the case for the Kregs or the Kreg starseed souls. They are somehow able to maintain full consciousness regardless of which universe they are currently in.

The Kregs are a benevolent race and are very concerned with improving the universal blueprints. If they see a problem somewhere they will send helpful energies to that realm. They do not have spaceships as they do not need them. Furthermore, currently incarnated Kreg starseed souls can be ‘activated’ to assist in fixing the issue at the ground level. I imagine that many Kreg souls on Earth have been ‘activated’ to their mission at this time. The Kreg beings seem very technical in nature and quite by the book in how they approach things.

Kreg starseeds are detached observers for all realms in all universes


For the reasons I just mentioned, the Kregs are not new to Earth or this universe for that matter. However, they are rare and only found in relatively small numbers across the world. They have been very intermittently incarnating on Earth since its inception. However, they did not have a part in creating our Earth realm specifically, so they are not Blueprinters in the way that we understand the Blueprinters to be. Even though they have been incarnating on Earth for a long time, they have very little actual experience here, as their average amount of earthly lifetimes is just 5.  However, they incarnate frequently on other realms all around our universe so they will have a lot of lifetimes under their belt but not many in one place. Their focus for coming to Earth is to observe life and its inhabitants and send that data back to the Kregs.

Like all other souls who incarnate they will still have a few life lessons that they will be working on. The most common are; prosperity, integrity, and flexibility. They learn prosperity to experience financial gain and the concept of currency as this is not something they have on their home world. The Kregs have a lot of integrity almost to a fault, so they learn to manage it better. Earth is seen as a place where many levels of integrity exist and they can experience the pitfalls of being too honest. Since life is very structured in Kreg culture, they like to learn to be more flexible when in earthly lifetimes. These souls are very kind, can get back to being centered when thrown off base, and they are extremely tolerant of others. They also tend to be spiritually oriented people when incarnating here.

Alpheratz is still in existence and is the highest dimensional realm in this Universe, at least that I am currently aware of, as they are in the 17th dimension. Their home world is a physical place, but their bodies are completely non-physical. This means that they are light beings and they present to me as either glowing orbs of yellow gold light or when they take a form, they are 20+ foot giants that are simple, humanoid-shaped, gold outlines with large round heads and no other facial features except two round black eyes. The Kregs are androgynous beings, neither having female or male genders. Their home world looks like Earth with green grass and a blue sky.

On Alpheratz there is a main portal that takes them to other Universes. However, they are not limited to that one portal as the Kregs can create a customized portal at any time to anywhere. Their planet was the second realm created in our universe, after Ankaa, as God/Source/The Creator needed its home base here first. The Kregs are a fascinating group that hold the secrets to our universe and beyond. If you would like to know your own soul origins and purpose in this lifetime, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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