Introducing Beta Pegasi: A Realm of Art, Science, and Collective Trauma

Image of two Pegazian beings swimming amongst the ruins on their completely aquatic realm, Beta Pegasi, otherwise known as Scheat. Artwork by Nicole Chi.

March 29, 2022 I was first introduced to this soul group about a year ago while researching a clients’ Akashic Record. It has taken me this long to write about this group because they are uncommon. I won’t discuss a new soul group publicly until I’ve been able to read for several clients to obtain their feedback and acquire tangible evidence that my channeled information is indeed accurate. These souls originate from the fixed star called Scheat or Beta Pegasi located in the Pegasus Constellation. The beings that inhabit this realm do prefer the name Beta Pegasi over Scheat. However, the beings themselves like to be referred to as Pegazians. Pegazians as a group do not normally incarnate on Earth, in fact, they are mostly indifferent to the whole Earth experiment and tend to stay out of it. This is not to say that these beings wish harm to Earths’ inhabitants as they are benevolent. Nonetheless, these beings do not have ships that fly around to other planets, nor do they send helpful energies to Earth for assistance. Even if a starseed from this group incarnated on Earth it would be for only about 10 lifetimes. This is a group that has both minimal interest and experience on our world.


If Pegazians are uninterested in Earth why would this group ever show up in an Akashic Record reading for an earthly lifetime?


This lack of interest is most likely why this soul group has been unknown to Akashic Record Readers until now. Usually, a Pegazian would come up in an Akashic Record reading as a secondary place of origination or possibly as a Blueprint Designer or Blueprint Technician. Otherwise, they have only sporadically come up as primary or secondary places of incarnation. Pegazians are enlightened and completely balanced spiritually and energetically. These abilities coupled with the fact that the planet is beautiful is the envy of many other worlds and soul groups.  Souls from other soul groups will usually incarnate on Beta Pegasi for several lifetimes to learn how to use and change their energy fields at will as this is something the Pegazians excel at. Sirians, Arcturians, Spicans, Andromedans, Alkiens, Regulans, and Zavijavans will frequently incarnate there and vice versa. Pegazians are both self and other-focused as they do use their energetic gifts to both benefit themselves and to help others. It is this inherent desire within the individual soul that has trained on Beta Pegasi to help others that is the main reason they would incarnate on Earth at all.


Like Alphirk and Ruchbah, the Pegazian souls will often have many lifetimes on Beta Pegasi and as a result are a tight-knit group. When on Earth, these men and women are not lone wolf types, they need to be working with others in a group yet will struggle with any extra recognition they may receive. Such is the internal struggle of the Pegazian on Earth. This realm has a long history of war in their past and the Pegazians have developed a collective trauma imbedded into their DNA. This war was tens of millions of years ago and was due to malevolent beings from the neighboring Vulpecula Constellation invading their planet. There was catastrophic damage done to their realm but it remained habitable. Souls that have spent a lot of time on Beta Pegasi often will have a special affinity for water and/or swimming. They will prefer clear water, but unlike the Mintakans, they are comfortable and unafraid to submerge themselves in any type of body of water.


Earth can be used as a location to work out collective trauma and utilize their energetic talents


I am told that emotions are virtually non-existent in their home world, and they are more scientifically minded. They have many interests and can lose focus and have non-monogamous mating relationships. Pegazian starseeds in earthly lifetimes may be learning the life lessons of commitment, unconditionality, love and attachment, and receiving.  A soul from this realm on Earth may struggle with the concept of marriage and may hesitate to be married or having long-term relationships altogether. Another part of learning via relationships on Earth for these souls can involve tremendous losses of spouses, or other important people in their lives, and can also translate to material losses such as careers, money, houses, etc. It is through these catastrophic losses while in an earthly lifetime that the soul can work out the collective karma from their home world, which would be another possible reason for a Beta Pegasi soul to agree to have lifetimes here.


However, these souls often excel at being resilient, creative, belonging to a group, being centered, and accepting the things they cannot change. The resiliency comes from years of wars on their planet in the past, although they are currently in a time of peace. Pegazians are extremely creative in both the artistic and manifesting senses. If they can think it, they can make it happen immediately. The arts and sciences are of primary importance in their society. There is no need for emotions there, these souls use analysis to look at the world and can seem emotionally standoffish and overly analytical compared to the average human on Earth. Many souls that have spent a lot of time on Beta Pegasi are involved in the sciences and/or are very interested in creative endeavors. These souls when on Earth tend to be guarded both emotionally and energetically. Even at an unconscious level they are excellent at creating strong energetic boundaries for themselves. They also have command of shifting their energy fields as it is necessary. This strong energetic ‘armor’ can also affect and change the negative energy around them. Many Pegazian souls do this naturally and are completely unaware of it.


Beta Pegasi is a high-dimensional and entirely aquatic world


Beta Pegasi is a physical world and is still in existence today. It is a water planet with no dry land and is currently in the 9th dimension. Pegazians do not look humanoid at all. They are cobalt blue in color and look to me as an octopus and mermaid hybrid. However, they can change their bodies and much of their environment at will. They are shown to me as always having an impermeable bubble of energy around them. These energy fields are also how they communicate with one another.


The Pegazians have had a traumatic past, but the beings that call this world home are actively healing from it. This trauma was so deep that astrologers (note: I’m not an astrologer) know that when this fixed star shows up it can foretell danger, extreme losses, and natural disasters on Earth. However, it also signifies tremendous creative talent and intelligence in those who have it in their birth charts. If you’d like to discover the journey your soul has taken. Uncover your soul group of origination and even your secondary place of origination if you have one, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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