Introducing the Ruchbahians: Beings Who Embody Unity and Acceptance

Image of two non-physical Ruchbahian beings. The ball of light on their chests between the heart and throat chakras represents their soul. Artwork by Nicole Chi.

February 12, 2022  Starseed souls that have had their formative lifetimes on planet Delta Cassiopeiae in the Cassiopeia Constellation are known as Ruchbahians. There is life present on all the other stars in that constellation, however only the souls that originate from Ruchbah are being discussed in this blog. Ruchbah is the Arabic name for Delta Cassiopeiae that translates to “knee” as the star is located at the knee of Queen Cassiopeia. These souls rarely incarnate on Earth; only the most ambitious Ruchbahians would choose to come here. It is usually just to learn life lessons in a very challenging environment. Nonetheless, some very experienced and powerful Ruchbahian souls have been incarnating on Earth to help with our liberation in a big way.


In general Ruchbahians choose not to incarnate frequently outside their home world, although they have freedom to incarnate wherever they like. They are very attached to their home world. These beings are very community and family oriented. As far as they are concerned all Ruchbahians are one big family. They are very kind souls. Kindness isn’t a thought or choice there it just is. Ruchbah is a haven of sensitivity and understanding and being completely centered is a natural way of existence for them. These beings are benevolent, but in general they are not very interested in the Earth experiment. They see Earth as a rough and unsafe world that’s extremely chaotic. This is illustrated by the fact that the beings on Ruchbah asked me not to discuss them publicly until now, even though I’ve been reading for these clients for the past eight months.


Ruchbahian souls have strong ties to Ankaa and Alphirk


Ruchbahians will incarnate most frequently on Alphirk and Ankaa and vice versa. Alphirk is very family oriented and has an appreciation for nature just like their home world and these planets are in close proximity to each other. It is a way to experience that societal connectedness and love of nature while in another high-dimensional yet physical realm. In my experience, the Ruchbahians that have Alphirk as a secondary place of incarnation tend to come to Earth more for learning purposes. Ankaa is also interesting for these souls because it’s the only other physical realm, in our Universe,  that is even more spiritually evolved than they are and hence considered a “safe place” to experience physicality and have the opportunity to work closely with the Creator. Ruchbahian souls who have Ankaa as a secondary place of incarnation tend to come to Earth more to contribute.


It is not easy for a Ruchbahian soul when incarnated on Earth


These souls have been incarnating on Earth very intermittently for about 150,000 years, but the average amount of earthly lifetimes for this group is just 20.  I have read for a few Ruchbahian starseed souls at this time who were also Blueprinters, so at least some of these souls volunteered to help create this realm and as a result have been coming here for much longer. When a Ruchbahian soul incarnates on Earth they are very kind but will struggle to maintain their kindness in an unkind world. This anger, hatred, and perceived separateness between humans on Earth will be completely foreign to them. These men and women will be sensitive and will struggle to remain balanced; centeredness is a common life lesson for these souls. Ruchbahian souls will often be searching for spiritual understanding as they come to Earth to be “blinded” to who they truly are and are attempting to uncover it again while they are here. Family and belonging to a group will also be something these souls on Earth hold up as important in their lives. There may also be issues around materialism and/or prosperity for these earthly incarnated souls as they don’t have “things” on their planet so no one is either rich or poor. Therefore, they come here to experience materialism. Most Ruchbahians I’ve read for tend to enjoy dancing and/or are musically inclined, so music and dance must be very important in their home world. This natural ability and desire to dance is a trait they share with the Zavijavans.


Ruchbah is a leadership-free realm that works together in perfect unity


What’s really unique about their society is that they do not have any sort of leadership or High Council on their world. Ironically, I see many Ruchbahian souls in leadership positions when they are in earthly lifetimes. When I ask why this is they replied, “Ruchbahians are good at self-governing under the laws of the Creator and it is this knowledge that makes them effective leaders on other planets. Ruchbahians know how to lead without oppression.” They are not particularly involved in any other planetary goings-ons. The Ruchbahians do not participate in the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL). It’s not that they wish harm on anybody as they understand the reasons for a place like Earth to exist and that the souls have their own choice along their respective journeys. There is no judgment from the Rucbahians perspective, just love and acceptance. In fact, these beings shared with me a daily ceremony they perform that includes all the 10,000s of beings that currently live there. They all join hands together at the start of the day and form a big circle and spin around. The reason for this is that it strengthens their love, connection, and unity amongst their entire population.


This is a high-dimensional realm that celebrates non-physicality


This is a realm that resonates in the 12th dimension and is non-physical, therefore, these beings have giant 30’ tall light bodies. A common reason for these souls to incarnate into human Earth bodies is to experience both the positives and negative’s of physicality. Ruchbah is a planet that is still around today. Their world is all black and formless; the Ruchbahians themselves are clear with white outlines and there is a white spot in their chests that represents their soul. That soul spot can flash and change color as a way to show the emotions they are feeling. They have a ghostly look to them and wear flowing clothing that also is clear with an outline. Ruchbahians have two arms and two legs and glide upright, so they resemble Earth humans in that way. Their faces are very abstract looking, similar to a Pablo Picasso portrait. Ruchbahians are neither male or female; they are all androgynous beings. There is also animal and plant life there that is represented in the same ghostly fashion.


I find this soul group fascinating because they are both open and enigmatic at the same time. These beings put a lot of trust in me in the beginning to respect their wishes and I appreciate that. If this resonates with you and you want to know if you are a Ruchbahian starseed and uncover the journey your soul has taken, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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