Introducing Alphirk: A Soul Group That Inhabits A Stunningly Beautiful Planet

Image of two Alphirkian beings enjoying their beautiful planet. Alphirkians can change their physical bodies to adapt to different situations; the female Alphirkian is transforming her legs into a mermaid tail in preparation for swimming in the river. Artwork by Nicole Chi.


April 4, 2021: The Cepheus Constellation is where the Alderamins, a starseed soul group of origination that I previously discovered and blogged about, are located. There is a second planet in the Cepheus Constellation that also has souls who incarnate on Earth called Beta Cepheus due to it being the second brightest star in that constellation. However, they prefer to be called by their Arabic name, “Alphirk” which translates to the Redeemer.  Alphirk is a physical realm much like here and it has a lot of natural beauty. These beings have physical bodies that at first glance look very much like we do, but it’s important to note that while the Alderamins and Alphirkians look quite human there are other star traveler soul groups where the beings look very different than us and may not even have physical bodies… but more on that in a future blog. 

The Alphirk realm is high vibrational and resonates at the 9th dimension. This planet is still in existence and I am told that the Alphirkians “love Earth and want to help.” In fact, the Alphirkians (and Pleiadians too) were many of the early alien contacts who came to Earth which were referred to as “Venusians” or “Saturnians”. Alphirkians are active in the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) and occasionally land their ships on Earth. These beings are able to walk amongst us on Earth and remain undetected because they can fit right in.



Why does this starseed group incarnate on Earth?



As a soul group, Alphirkians incarnate on Earth mostly to contribute or help in some way but also sometimes to learn.  They tend to contribute mainly via their energy as these souls naturally emit very strong energy fields even when in an earthly body. They are men and women that have a strong presence about them that is unique but difficult to identify. Alphirkians have been incarnating on Earth since its inception but very intermittently as on average they just have 25 Earthly lifetimes. They incarnate on Earth randomly, meaning there are no specific eras in history where there were many Alphirkians, as they only incarnate when there is a need for them or they just want to come here to learn. However, many of my Alphirkian clients have been various subtypes of Earth Blueprinters and some also show up as Spirit Parallels

When incarnated on Earth, these souls are independent, carefree, live and let live kind of people who prefer to live life on their own terms. These people are family-oriented as family is everything on Alphirk. They also like to speak their truth and can be outspoken. Alphirkian souls are often drawn to bodies of water, the beauty of nature, and may be naturally good swimmers. These souls tend to not be particularly spiritual when on Earth but often struggle to stay grounded. This is not to say that Alphirkians aren’t spiritual beings, to the contrary they are very spiritual when on their home planet but come to Earth to experience navigating life while having that lack of spirituality because it’s impossible on their home world. 

Commonly, these souls will be here to learn light-heartedness as Earth is, in their opinion, “so serious.” One of the challenges for many of them is to remain light-hearted in the face of difficulties here. Many Alphirkians are currently incarnated in China, Southeast Asia, the Carribean, Guam, and Palau, although quite a few live in the United States. They generally prefer to incarnate in locations on Earth that are near bodies of water and are naturally beautiful.  



Alphirkians stick together and are attached to their home world



One unusual aspect compared to other soul groups of origination, is that Alphirkians tend to stick together even when incarnated on Earth. Meaning an Alphirkian soul who is currently in an earthly lifetime most likely will have some other family members or friends who also come from the same soul group. They may have even been family members in previous Alphirk lifetimes. This is a very pronounced trait with the Alphirkians as usually those close to us in any given incarnation are a mix of all types of starseeds and Earth souls. Starseed souls have many options available to them as places of potential incarnation and Alphirk is no exception, but they have a tremendous amount of love for their home planet. As a result Alphirkians tend to incarnate over and over again in their home world versus incarnating on lots of other planets.

I have yet to read for an Alphirkian soul where they had their first 25 or so lifetimes and then moved on. Many I have read for will only come to Earth and nowhere else and can have anywhere from 55 to over 100 lifetimes on their home planet. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Alphirkian souls incarnated on Earth may have remembrances or visions of their home world, which they will brush off as a having a vivid imagination or it being just a wild dream.


A planet with breathtaking natural beauty and a pink sky



As mentioned earlier in this blog, Alphirkians look very much like we do, but they are able to change their bodies at will to adapt to situations on their planet. I do not get the impression that life on Alphirk is difficult, quite the opposite, but they posses unique abilities in order to fully experience their world. For example when swimming they have mermaid tails but once they get out of the water they morph into having legs just like ours to walk on land. According to an Alphirkian starseed client who has had clear visions of his home world in this earthly lifetime, reports that these beings may also be able to change their skin color (e.g., blue, green, etc.), but they have always shown themselves to me as having complexions that we see here on Earth. Upon deeper investigation I found that the Alphirkian beings can temporarily change their skin color to show emotion and/or intent. Although they don’t seem to do this often.

The rivers, waterfalls, mountains, trees and other plant life on Alphirk look similar to ours but are more idealized and perfect. However, the Alphirkian sky is pink. I am told the sky is pink day and night because it’s due to a reflection off of a neighboring planet. Alphirkians have cigar-shaped ships that fly around Earth and other planets. These ships can also ‘fly’ through water like a submarine. While Alphirk isn’t a water planet per se, there’s mostly dry land there, water seems really important to them such that they maintain amphibious capabilities even with their technology.

Although Alphirkian souls are just being discovered or known on Earth their impact is been massive throughout Earth’s history.  There have been many of these souls incarnated on Earth from its inception. Whenever I interact with these beings their energy is very strong. If you think you may be an Alphirkian soul and want confirmation, click here to sign up for an Akashic Record reading with me. 

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