Alderamin: An Introduction to These Spiritual Masters

The image shows a group of Alderamin beings outside their planet’s capital called “The Emerald City.” Ironically the city is not green but is referred to as “emerald” because the color green represents divine love. Artwork by Nicole Chi. 

Feb. 24, 2021: At this time Akashic Record readers collectively have a solid knowledge base about the various planets/realms starseeds can originate from, but ultimately it’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as there’s still so much more to discover. When I was learning to access the Akashic Records, those who were reading them for others had pooled together their knowledge and were aware of 23 unique soul groups of origination. Those 23 starseed groups would typically be the ones who would show up in varying degrees of frequency during readings for clients. However, it was during my third time ever reading for a client that their starseed soul group came up as an unknown (to us). This was the first Universal push for me on this journey of unraveling some of the mystique of the spiritual realm. After a fair amount of channeling, the soul groups’ location was found and then I requested the specific Akashic Record for this unknown planet to learn more about its inhabitants. It was explained to me by Spirit that they prefer to be called “Alderamins.”


The Alderamins are from the Cepheus Constellation


The Alderamins are not a new soul group, in fact they’ve been around much longer than the Earth itself. This starseed group has been incarnating very sporadically on Earth since its inception. Their home planet is Alpha Cephei (also known as Alderamin), in the Cepheus Constellation located in the Northern Hemisphere. Alderamin in Arabic translates to “right arm of the king.” I’m told they are the ‘sister’ planet to Ankaa, where Source Energy is located. Alderamin is a physical realm that is still inhabited today. Just because they were unknown to us until recently doesn’t mean they aren’t concerned about Earth, to the contrary, they are very focused on Earths growth and are consistently sending loving energies from their home world to us.


What Does this Starseed Group Do?


Alderamins work very closely with God or Source energy and are some of the grand architects of the different planets/realms. I have also read for some souls with Alderamin origins who are here working as Spirit Parallels. Approximately 30% of all the souls who created the Earth school were Alderamins. However, they will mostly refer to themselves in their individual soul records as Blueprint Coordinators Blueprint Originators, Blueprint Designers, and with less frequency as Blueprint Technicians, Deliverers, Changers, and Translators. Blueprinter souls are the ones who had participated in creating this world and therefore identify with their job description rather than their home planet on the soul level and this is reflected when accessing their Akashic Record. This is a highly creative, heart-centered, deeply spiritual soul group who are literally Gods’ “right hand men and women.” They are extremely high in vibration as they resonate in the 12th dimension and higher. These souls are gentle, loving, creators to the extreme. Alderamin is also the realm of spiritual mastery. Many souls that list Alderamin as a secondary place of origination in their soul record will have spent many lifetimes there in order to learn all aspects of spirituality

Due to their home planet is so advanced spiritually and socially, the Alderamins rarely incarnate on Earth. Our 3D/5D vibrational frequency is so dense in comparison that it feels almost painful for the Alderamin soul to be here, even when in an earthly body. However, they come here to selfishlessly support the Earth souls along their journey. The average amount of Earthly lifetimes for this group is 20 and approximately 1 in 15,000 souls currently on Earth are Alderamin souls. I am told that there are more Alderamins incarnated here than usual in order to support Earths awakening. The majority of these souls are incarnated in 3rd world countries, specifically in the Middle East, Central America, and South America. Nonetheless, I have read for several Americans and Europeans thus far who belong to this soul group. Alderamins when on their home planet look human and wear long, simple white robes. The image of Jesus Christ wearing his white robe often comes to mind as that is exactly how the Alderamins appear. In fact, Jesus’ soul group of origination was Alderamin and he embodies the energies of that realm.


Alderamin Starseed Characteristics When Incarnated on Earth


Family is extremely important on Alderamin. I always see these beings together in large groups when I visit there. The Alderamins know that energies working together are stronger and more powerful than one working alone. However, many Alderamin souls in earthly lifetimes may experience familial breakdowns or issues within their own families in order to learn lessons. Strife or disconnection with family members is not something that occurs on their home world, so they will be open to having that experience on Earth where it happens frequently. 

Since this soul group incarnates on Earth so infrequently and combined with the vibrational differences in planets, it’s not uncommon for Alderamin souls to struggle with anxiety or depression. They will not be able to fully comprehend the negative aspects of life here because Earth is all about evolution via positive and negative experiences; Alderamin as a place of incarnation does not have that duality. These are men and women who care deeply about others, whether it be friends, family, animals, or even complete strangers. These people will have big hearts and tend to be non-judgmental in nature. They are authentic men and women who speak their truth while remaining loving and kind. While they also learn life lessons when incarnated here, typically their lives will be support and contribution style lifetimes. This means they may feel driven to help others in some way or be open to supporting others energetically on a larger scale. They are interested in spiritual matters when on Earth but are open to all types of religions and ways to experience God.

You will find them to be creative people both in the purely artistic sense and in the metaphoric sense. Alderamins may be entrepreneurs but usually start spiritual or healing based businesses that help others. For example, they may be a filmmaker but the films are created very authentically in order to uplift others and teach about love. While they don’t necessarily crave to be in the spotlight, they are willing to do so if it’s their soul urge to be creative and be of assistance in that way. Even though the Alderamin souls have a kind and gentle nature and can appear delicate in demeanor, they are still quite driven individuals. I have been fortunate to have several Alderamin souls around me in my own life and I am much better for it.

If this sounds familiar and you think you may be an Alderamin or want to know what soul group of origination your soul belongs click here.

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