Who Are the Blueprinter Souls?

In a couple of my past blogs I have made mention of various Blueprinters. These are souls that have come to Earth from another place of incarnation for a very specific purpose. They are an important piece of the puzzle and it would be impossible to explain the genesis of Earth without including them. These Blueprinters would also be considered starseed souls versus an Earth soul. No souls who identify with Earth as their soul group of origination, meaning they have and will only incarnate on Earth, would be a Blueprinter. I have also pointed out in previous blogs that there are several subcategories that these Blueprinter souls associate themselves with. These subcategories represent specific job duties and as a result the soul brings forth energies and knowledge that correlate to that job description. The purpose of this blog is to clarify what a Blueprinter soul is and why they were and still are so vital to our Earth realm.


Blueprinter souls are the hands-on creators of Earth


God/Source/The Creator starts the ball rolling and requests for a new place of incarnation to be made. God will set some perimeters for what is desired, but it is up to the Blueprinters to do the hands-on work to make it a reality. We would not be here if it weren’t for the hard work and expertise of the Blueprinters. A large percentage of starseed souls who have incarnated on Earth are not here simply to learn life lessons. Some souls come here because they agreed to a job that they began thousands upon thousands of years ago and are continuing to watch over and maintain their creations. This is done at the unconscious level of course, although the person will often have a conscious preoccupation or energy alignment with their particular creation. This is always fun to uncover in a client reading!

I have been told that these souls will no longer need to incarnate on Earth once we have completely transitioned into the 5th dimension, unless they want to. It’s as if the job contract is fulfilled and now their incarnations will be strictly voluntary. It is not to say that if a soul tires of their job duties as a Blueprinter that they cannot relieve themselves of their ‘contractual obligations.’ I have read for clients who have taken over for another Blueprinter who no longer wanted to continue their work. This is a very rare occurrence though. These souls are both proud of their accomplishments and take their duties seriously.

The Blueprinters have a vested interest in Earth and their creations here. Many of the soul groups of origination that were both known for a long time and those that I have uncovered more recently in my own research come up in client readings as Blueprinters. However, not all star traveler souls or all soul groups that incarnate here were involved in the actual creation of Earth. For example, I have yet to see any Arcturians, Zavijavans, Alpha Centaurians, Proxima Centaurians, Schedarians, or Mars souls as Blueprinters.


Blueprinter souls usually prefer to highlight their job title versus their soul group


When I was just learning about the Akashic Records, I was told that if an individual soul is a Blueprinter they wouldn’t reveal their soul group of origination in their soul record. However, the information is still located in their Akashic Record but the soul usually chooses to not show it. The only reason I can see for this is because the soul aligns so strongly with their job on Earth that their home world is of little to no consequence at that time. It may not be a one time experience for a soul, as I have seen double Blueprinters and even up to four times a soul has been in this capacity. Whenever I see multi-Blueprinter souls it is always a unique job on different planets. No soul ever holds two Blueprinter jobs on the same realm at a time nor do they keep the same duties from one realm to another.

Akashic Record readers do attract specific clientele because of their message and/or own unique energies. Therefore, we tend to read for clients in our practices that match our own energies. That being said, it is rare for me to read for a Blueprinter soul that doesn’t show me both their soul group of origination and their Blueprint identity. I can only suppose this has something to do with my energy signature (I am not a Blueprinter soul myself but I do read for a lot of them). Of the 100s of Blueprinter soul clients I have read for thus far, only one has declined to disclose their true soul group of origin. Furthermore, it appears as many clients who have received Akashic Record readings in the past may not be Blueprinter souls at all, but from one of the new soul groups I have discovered (or have yet to discover). It was a way that many of these groups who were not ready to be known on Earth hid their identity from inquiring minds. However, Blueprinter souls can and do originate from well known groups such as, Spica, Polaris, Nihal, Sirius, Hadar, and others. In my experience thus far, about 50% of those who have been told they are Blueprinters are not Blueprinters at all and the other 50% are actually Blueprinters.


There were six known subgroups of Blueprinters


Since these souls are so prevalent on Earth, we see Blueprinter clients quite regularly. There are six currently known categories or job descriptions that these souls will align with. They are Blueprint Originators, Blueprint Designers, Blueprint Technicians, Blueprint Translators, Blueprint Deliverers, and Blueprint Changers. However, I have now found a seventh subcategory of Blueprinter, which I will introduce and discuss in more detail in a future blog. How frequently a Blueprinter soul incarnates on Earth depends both on what their specific job is and their free will. For example, I have read for Blueprinter clients who are associated with a subgroup that rarely incarnates here (e.g., Blueprint Designers with an average of 25 earthly lifetimes) but this soul decided to incarnate on Earth frequently, having 100 or so lifetimes because they enjoy it here and choose to do so.

Those in the Originator and Designer groups are more the ‘big picture’ creators of Earth. The Originators were the structural creators of the physical realm and the Designers brought the color and beauty to that structure. There are less of these souls around than the other four groups and they will come up less frequently in Akashic Record readings. These souls may often come from some of the highest vibrational realms in our Universe such as Ankaa, Alderamin, Ruchbah, and Alpha Doradus. This may also explain why they incarnate here so infrequently because it is quite uncomfortable to exist in an extremely high dimension in contrast to our much lower dimensional realm.

In a very brief overview of the other categories, the Technicians created the technical and energetic systems in our bodies and in the environment around us. The Translators are responsible for communication in all its forms. Deliverers keep us reminded and focused on divine love for ourselves and each other. And the Changers experience the difficulties and turmoil here on Earth and make suggestions on how to adjust things. I see a lot of Technicians, Translators, and Deliverers in my work (and these are the most common Blueprinter categories with the highest population of souls) but I have read for all types of Blueprinters at least a few times. I see the Blueprint Changers the least often in my readings.

We have the Blueprinter souls to thank for our beautiful Earth realm and our amazing earthly bodies. Some Blueprinters have a lot of experience incarnating here while others are relatively inexperienced. If you want to know if you are a Blueprinter soul and what your soul was responsible for creating here, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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