Introducing Schedar: The Most Psychic Realm in Our Universe

Image of three Schedarian beings projecting in their home world, the orange sphere is their rapidly moving sun. The Schedarians are non-physical beings who live in a non-physical environment. Artwork by Nicole Chi. 


August 31, 2022:  This previously unknown soul group did not come to my attention the usual way, through a client reading, instead they reached out to me that they were ready to be known on Earth. Fast forward 8 months into the future and I finally have enough understanding of these beings to write a blog about them. Starseed souls that have had their formative lifetimes on planet Alpha Cassiopeia in the Cassiopeia Constellation belong to this group. They prefer their planet to be referred by their Arabic name, “Schedar.” Schedar is an unusual soul group to come across in an Akashic Record reading because they are so rare here on Earth. I am told that 1 out of 100,000 souls currently living on Earth have these origins. Souls from Schedar, while benevolent, don’t generally choose to incarnate here as they prefer to remain within the other highest dimensional realms in our Universe. They have close working relationships and incarnate frequently on Alderamin, Ankaa, Alpha Doradus, and Zavijava.


The planet Schedar is our Universe’s power source or generator for the 3rd eye chakra to all souls. I am told that “they are the holders of the psychic energy in the Universe.” Therefore, it is very common for these souls to have strong psychic gifts, although these gifts may come and go throughout their lifetimes on Earth. When in an earthly body Schedarian souls often focus on exploring issues and lessons around psychic phenomena in this dense reality.


Schedarians are inexperienced with life here and are still in the initial testing phase



These beings endeavor to incarnate in larger numbers on Earth in the future as we ascend in dimension. Therefore, the beings on Schedar are observing our spiritual growth closely. Schedarians aren’t Blueprinters of Earth but have been involved in creating other realms in the past. This may be a reason why they weren’t particularly involved in the happenings on Earth until quite recently. I have read for one Schedarian soul thus far who was here on Spirit Parallel duty. The most trusted and ambitious Schedarian souls began incarnating in small numbers on Earth around 5,000 years ago. This was mostly to test how their energies would function here. Schedar souls tend to incarnate here sporadically once they do begin coming to Earth, with just an average of 12 lifetimes.


In addition to their assessments, Schedarian starseed souls assist in our planet’s ascension simply by being here. Their presence is gradually introducing to Earth the concepts and energies surrounding the extreme power of our minds. Some have had lifetimes where they quite literally have been pioneers of psychic phenomena on our world. They help to make us see the impossible is truly possible despite what we have been led to believe. As Universal beings who are living on Earth can, and will, become even more connected to Spirit as we are just scratching the surface in our current evolution. The Schedarians are here to get that flowing.



Earth is confusing for these souls to navigate because it’s so restrictive and physically focused



Since experiencing the density on Earth is challenging in comparison to their home world; Schedarians mostly assist by sending helpful energies from afar. Schedar does not utilize spaceships nor do they need them. This realm does participate in the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) but in a more indirect way via their energy and power that is sent remotely.


When in earthly bodies these souls will have strong third eye chakra sensitivity. These men and women may experience lots of sporadic yet intense psychic activations and ‘tingling’ sensations in their third eye when viewing certain symbols (e.g., seeing crop circle formations) or hearing specific sound frequencies (e.g., hearing light language being spoken). Places and periods in Earth’s history where the most Schedarians were incarnated are; Palestine, Europe during the Middle Ages and during The Reformation, the American Civil War, and World War II.  When here Schedar souls will bring forth the energies of spirituality, mercy and forgiveness, integrity, charity, and confidence.


These souls when on Earth will commonly be experiencing issues surrounding being adventurous in a physical body with all its limitations, maintaining enthusiasm and motivation, remaining centered, and the complexities of surrender and free-will in this low density. They will also experience the pitfalls of being tied to materialism and struggle with attempting to break free from that way of life. These souls will simultaneously be dragged back due to responsibilities and expectations of living in our world. However, this is what these brave souls signed up for by learning this on behalf of their home world and sending back the data.



Schedar is the most unique world I have experienced



Schedar is a non-physical realm that is in the 12th dimension; the planet is still around today. Their world looks like a computer simulation to me, a shapeless world with blue on the bottom, a thin line of green, and pink or purple on the top. They have also shown me that the background environment can change colors from time to time. Inhabiting Schedar are shiny, three-dimensional, metallic silver spheres or balls. Each sphere interacts by projecting multidimensional images of whatever best describes the emotion or message they wish to convey in the moment. There is no limit to what image or shape they can project. The Schedarian sphere beings are continually projecting. The lines that compose these projections are also metallic silver. Although the spheres appear to be physical, solid entities I am told that they too are non-physical. These spheres hold the soul and the consciousness of the being itself. While I cannot tell the difference between a male and female Schedarian being, I am told that they have both genders represented in their species.


Since they are non-physical beings, with no hands, they can move objects around by the power of their minds (telekinesis). In their world Schedarian beings are primarily interested in the psychic representation of self. Meaning that you can project whatever you want to the world and that is all that there is, a projection of energy that is seen in a certain form by another. Nonetheless, there are animal souls who live on Schedar and they project in the same way the ‘human’ souls do. Schedarians are beyond needing technology as they have it all in the power of their minds. To the Schedarians life is only an external projection, it is not real and it can be changed in a moment. This concept is similar, but expressed in the opposite way, of the Zavijavans whose lives are complete internal projections, where the external is of no consequence.


It took me a long time and several visits to Schedar to comprehend what I was seeing. They are truly the most unusual beings with the most unique realm I have experienced. It took a while to begin reading for clients that have Schedar as their soul group of origination, but they are here and struggle with being entwined in our earthly matrix. Are you very third eye chakra forward? Have you been able to master telekinesis in this earthly lifetime? If so, your soul may have its origins in Schedar. To have your Akashic Record read by me, click here.

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