Introducing the Ankaans: Beings Who Work With Source Energy

Image of Ankaan being with the Crystal City in the background. Artwork by B. Sellman  


April 30, 2021: I stumbled upon the Ankaan starseed soul group and Spirit mentioned that these souls frequently incarnate on Alderamin and vice versa. Since learning about these fascinating beings I have since read for several Ankaan starseed clients. The Ankaans are a soul group of origination from the planet Ankaa also called Alpha Phoenicis located in the Phoenix Constellation, it’s the brightest star crowning the Phoenixs’ head. This constellation is aptly named because the definition of phoenix is, “a person or thing of unsurpassed excellence or beauty; a supremely beautiful, rare, or unique person or thing; a successful completion of a process.” The reason being is that God created Ankaa first and therefore it is the oldest planet/realm in the Universe. This is a physical realm that is still in existence and resonates at 15th dimension and has done so ever since its creation. The 15th dimension is the highest vibration found in the Universe and matches the vibration of Spirit side. God created Ankaa for other planets and realms to aspire to be like and there are two more planets that have already reached this milestone (more on those in a future blog). Although God is omnipotent and omnipresent, Ankaa is the home base for Source/God energy as well as all 15 Archangels. However, to be clear Ankaa is not “Heaven” as heaven is not a physical place but this planet is. When souls are in between incarnations they go to heaven or Spirit side but if in body they could possibly live on the planet Ankaa. Ankaa and Alderamin are closely related and refer to themselves as ‘sister planets’ even though they are not close in proximity to each other. It’s important to remember that Alderamin is also the home base and soul group of origination for Jesus.

Ankaans work directly with Source energy and are master creators and transmuters of negative energy. Ankaans also facilitate the process of soul creation for Source, so they have some level of responsibility for all souls created. These beings care a great deal for Earth and its ascension and send helpful energies of inner authority, spirituality, happiness, love and harmony. Ankaan souls rarely incarnate on Earth, and when they do it is for two reasons only; either they agreed to be a part of creating this realm and must incarnate on Earth periodically to oversee their handiwork or they have a secondary place of origination that they strongly align with and that soul group does send starseeds to Earth.  The majority of the time it is for the first reason as many of them signed up to help create this Earth realm and therefore, they have a duty to uphold here, we refer to them as Blueprinter souls. In these cases, the souls’ record may omit the Ankaan soul group identification and just mention that they are a Blueprinter soul in the Akashic Record that is how they’ve been able to stay under the radar. It’s important to note, that not all Blueprinter souls are Ankaans as many other soul group representatives also had a hand in creating our realm. When an Ankaan soul does incarnate here, they do so to be of service to others, observe their creations, and not usually to learn life lessons.


Ankaans have unique characteristics both when on their home planet and when incarnated on Earth


When incarnated on Earth Ankaan souls struggle with the duality of good and evil and the division amongst the people here. They are not experienced with these concepts on their home planet but frequently are the type of people who bring others together by neutralizing discord between parties when on Earth. They are drawn to spirituality on Earth but will often eschew organized religions. The Ankaan beings themselves seem very mysterious to me and it’s no surprise that they have an air of mystery to them when incarnated on Earth. This air of mysteriousness is not to be confused with them being ‘sneaky’ or trying to hide something, as I find Ankaans to be very kind and welcoming, perhaps it’s hard for us to fully comprehend beings that are so high dimensional.

Ankaan souls in earthly bodies will mostly keep to themselves and just have a small circle of close family and friends. They are intensely private people and don’t like to put themselves “out there” in the public eye. It’s not a particularly easy or happy existence for the Ankaan soul when incarnated on Earth, they are very kind and caring individuals who make loyal spouses, friends, family members, etc. but they struggle to connect with large quantities of people because they feel so out of place and sense they don’t really belong here. Nonetheless, privately the Ankaan soul will have a strong awareness of who they are and know they are different from others. Ankaan souls are natural neutralizers of negativity in the being/energetic sense, are empathic, and have a good connection to their intuition when incarnated on Earth. However, they will frequently struggle with maintaining energetic boundaries and often take on other peoples’ energies. This is something Ankaan souls need to be aware of and take the necessary precautions to energetically protect themselves.


Ankaans have a unique appearance 


Source energy on Ankaa is its own entity and looks to me like a massive glowing white light. However, the Ankaan beings look like green frogs that stand upright and wear plain black clothing. They walk on two legs like we do and have more human-like mannerisms, for example they don’t crouch down on all fours or hop around. They don’t like to be called frogs or amphibians, but that’s the best way I can describe their appearance in our earthly frame of reference. Due to being so high dimensional they can fly and have tremendously strong telepathic abilities; there are no secrets on Ankaa as all is known. The planet is magnificently beautiful, it looks like a big city made up of grand buildings and skyscrapers that are made of clear quartz crystal that glows from the inside. That is the major city center of Ankaa where Source energy is located but they do have more rural type areas as well. Everything seems to be made of various types of crystals there, even the plant life. Ankaans do not need to eat food as they utilize the ether to sustain themselves.

All souls are created from God on Ankaa and the energy centers of training are also located there. Therefore, all souls will have spent some time on Ankaa but that doesn’t make them Ankaans, as they would have to have spent their first several lifetimes on the planet to absorb the energies and be able to call Ankaa home. The Ankaans and their starseed souls that have incarnated on Earth are truly wonderful and loving. They are now just becoming open to coming out of obscurity and being known here on Earth. If you would like to confirm if you may be an Ankaan starseed soul click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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