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“My Akashic Record Reading with Erin was absolutely profound. I received the information at the right moment in my life when I was “ready” to receive it. The reading Erin provided resonated deeply in my soul. It explains so much about who I am, and why I have done the things I have done in my life. It also helped me understand from a much longer (soul) perspective my purpose for being here on Earth at this time. Erin helped me unlock knowledge that was hiding within and shed light on who I really am. It was an honor and a privilege to receive this once-in-a-lifetime information from Erin.”

– Michael H., Los Angeles

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Having knowledge of where our souls originated and the paths taken is powerful.

You are so much more than this lifetime or the body you are currently inhabiting. The totality of previous lifetime experiences and various trainings make us who we are today.

By having your Akashic Records read, the reasons of why you know what you know becomes clear and your life purpose becomes even clearer.

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Akashic Records Reader

Hello, my name is Erin Lynn, I’m a certified Akashic Record reader and researcher. My passion is to make the spiritual world easier to understand and to uncover who we are at the soul level.

It has been my pleasure to assist others from around the world by enlightening them to their true past and why their life is both structured and experienced the way it is.

The purpose of this website is not only to provide Akashic Record reading services but also as an educational hub with new information found in the records.

What others have said about a reading with erin lynn

“I had a session with Erin, and boy was I in for a river of unexpected and surprised information of my soul.”

“In my early 20’s I was in a path of deep spiritual awakening. I immersed myself into the density of this reality and lost touch of my spiritual path. Being in isolation during COVID-19 has ignited me to reconnect to my spirituality.

I was introduced to spiritual healers, in which it led me to expand to realms of metaphysics outside the average consciousness. During my
research exploration I came across the term akashic Records. They described it as a library that contains record’s of all past present and
future lives of a the soul. I was intrigued, but left it at that. A few months later the Akashic Records came up once more. I decided that this was something worth investigating.

There was information that was almost identical to information I had received from a spiritual healer. The records stated certain of aspects of
my soul that resonate very strongly as to how I see myself, nature and humanity in this lifetime. We are all born with gifts and the Akashic Records have identified certain gifts that I have always known I hold deep knowledge of, but have not yet understood how to use them. I started unfolding a bit of information given by Erin slowly, as there is much to learn once we begin the work of inner self.

Thank you Erin for your relaxed approach to sharing and for channeling this valuable information!!”

– Antonio A., Oregon