Introducing Minkar: Science Over Emotions

A male and female Minkar are in one of their large/main underground tunnels. These massive tunnels connect to many smaller tunnels or rooms that provide different stimuli for the Minkars. There is very little sunlight in their underground world but the Minkars can see perfectly in dim light. Artwork by Nicole Chi.



June 8, 2023: The beings that inhabit planet Epsilon Corvi in the Corvus Constellation introduced themselves to me through client Akashic Record Readings early this year. The beings that occupy that world prefer to be known by their planet’s Arabic name, “Minkar.” This is a benevolent group that only 1 out of every 300,000 starseed souls currently on Earth have their origins. The Minkars, much like the Schedar soul group, began sending a few trusted souls to have lifetimes on Earth approximately 5,000 years ago. This was for these souls to gather and send information back on how life is here and for the Minkars to collectively decide if they wanted to incarnate on Earth en masse in the future.


Minkar starseeds tested Earth energies to determine if they wanted to incarnate in larger groups


At this time, I have been told that the Minkars have decided not to come to Earth. Nonetheless, they are interested in being known here. There are no ill feelings towards Earth or those souls who live here, it just wasn’t something they decided to pursue further as a group. This is not to say that the Minkar souls are controlled on where they can or cannot have life experiences. If a Minkar soul elects to have more lives on Earth or incarnate here for their own growth, it is allowed. Minkar starseeds will present varying levels of experience with earthly life. Some Minkars have been incarnating on Earth well before 5,000 years due to their own desire for growth. In general, these souls are more self-focused in their reasons to incarnate on Earth.

The Minkar beings have a good relationship with their neighboring Corvus Constellation planets (e.g., Cofo and Alchiba). The average amount of earthly lifetimes for a Minkar starseed is 15. These beings are very scientifically minded and, while kind, they are not an emotional species. Minkar has always been in the 7th dimension on their world. They have not experienced the rocky road of ascension. Therefore, lessons are learned, growth happens, and data points are created by experiencing a world where evil is still infiltrating society.


Minkar souls have many interests and are ‘go-getter’ types


The most common life lessons a Minkar soul would come to Earth to learn are decisiveness, boldness, integrity, loyalty, and self-discipline. Earth provides a unique place to test how integrity and loyalty work in a culture that often celebrates being disingenuous and disloyal. Also, either route one decides to proceed on Minkar they will be okay. On Earth there’s real weight and consequences to making decisions and it is an important data point for them to explore. Minkar souls will often bring a certain exuberance to life on Earth, as they are interested in many things or activities.

Due to this intense quest for knowledge and to understand life here. These starseeds may ‘suffer’ from “shiny ball syndrome”, meaning they may struggle to have the self-discipline to focus on one area and master it. Minkars will often spread themselves too thin with a varied number of interests and skills they’ve picked up along their journey. Since they are not an emotional race, when in an earthly lifetime these souls frequently struggle with processing and understanding other people’s emotions, especially when different from their own. There are often difficulties when relating to others on an emotional level.

Positive qualities Minkar souls possess include, sensitivity, belonging, having initiative, and tolerance. These beings are sensitive to sunlight and energy. They will notice the subtle differences between two variables. When on their home world, Minkar beings have a lot of togetherness and are good at coming together to reach a goal or consensus. They are go-getter types who have a lot of initiative. These starseeds are also tolerant of the differences between each other because they take the emotion out of it. Minkars are a race of thinkers not feelers. Individual quirks/uniqueness/differences are something to be observed and taken note of but no judgement is given.


Minkars choose some mysterious locations and historical eras to experience earthly life



One of the most intriguing aspects of the Minkar souls on Earth are the lifetimes they pick. Exploring the soul records of Minkars on Earth is an alternative history researchers dream! Yes, they will have lifetimes in more of the well-known historical time periods and locations on our planet, such as Ancient Egypt, Europe during the Renaissance, Native American and Aboriginal Australian lifetimes. However, these souls also delve into more hotly debated or unknown time periods. They are the only soul group I’ve seen thus far that tend to regularly have lifetimes during Tartaria and in Antarctica.

I am told that the Minkars like to have multiple lifetimes during the mysterious Tartaria civilization because they found it beautiful. They will have ordinary life experiences in Tartaria that we would see occur in other time periods. It just seems to be a period of intense interest to them as a group. I will also see lifetimes on military and research bases in Antartica while in human bodies that took place 1,000s of years ago. It’s extremely fascinating to channel these life experiences! It’s not to say these types of lifetimes can’t come up for non-Minkar starseeds, but it is exceedingly rare.



Minkars live entirely underground



Minkar is still in existence today and it is a physical realm. They are approximately 6’ tall and range in skin colors from cobalt blue to purple indigo. Their shaggy hair is either yellow, dark brown, orange, or green. They have large eyes, mouth, and pointy ears that flop over at the tips. They are not blind even though they live entirely underground, their eyes are designed see well in dim light. Minkars have two arms, two legs, a long thin tail, and large insect-type wings. Minkars can walk on two-legs, fly, or hover in one place off the ground using their wings. Not unlike humans treading water. When Minkars desire, they can fly at high speeds and complete complicated aerial maneuvers while in their underground world. They have retractable sharp claws for digging and self-protection purposes only.

On their planet they have underground heated swimming rooms with waterfalls. Minkars embrace crystal technology and even have entire rooms made of crystalline walls, floors, and ceilings that they sit in to reinvigorate themselves. The Minkars have large and ornate ‘meeting rooms’ where their leadership councils meet and discuss issues with the rest of the population. Artificial yet diffused, white sunlight is pumped into some areas where it is needed. For example, the garden room that has floor to ceiling flowers and foliage growing will be well lit. I was even shown a golden gestation room where the next generation of Minkars are preparing to be born. I was told that they are very particular in keeping their population stable.

The Minkar beings I interacted with were very friendly and open to showing me around and explaining in detail how they live. There was a sense of pride in what they have built underneath their world. The Minkars were also interested on hearing my opinions on how those currently on Earth would react to them and when it would be an optimal time for possible contact. It’s important to note that the Minkarian race does not utilize ships or participate in the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL). Therefore, I would imagine that the contact would be telepathic in nature.  If you’d like to know your soul’s true origins, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.  

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