Introducing Alchiba: An Isolated Soul Group

Image of an Alchiban being stepping out of his dwelling that is hidden inside the mountain. Artwork by Rina Minta Art.

July 2, 2021: Alchibans are the souls who had their initial and foundational lifetimes on the planet Alpha Corvi in the Corvus Constellation, otherwise known as the crow. However, they prefer to be called by their planet’s Arabic name, Alchiba. Alchiba is located at the tip of the crow’s beak almost as if ready to strike and this particular placement within this small constellation is interesting considering their warlike past. It’s important to note, that they are a benevolent group that has participated in wars to protect themselves and assist in liberating other realms.

When I talk about soul groups of origination, it is traditionally the planet/realm where a starseed has their foundational incarnations. Through these incarnations, the soul will take on those specific energies from that place and carry that same energy with them moving forward regardless of where they incarnate in the future. For the vast majority of soul groups this is how it works. The starseed soul has the choice to incarnate on many other realms (Earth included) to gain more experience. However, this is not how it works for the souls who choose to initially incarnate on Alchiba. This is by design and I’m told that souls who pick Alchiba as their ‘home world’ are aware of the stipulations prior to incarnating there.

Alchiban starseeds are rare


It is no surprise that this soul group was recently discovered even though some souls have been incarnating on Earth since its inception. In general, souls originally from this group do not incarnate on Earth or any other planets and would rarely show up in an Akashic Record reading because they are an isolationist planet. Alchiba appears to be the most isolated currently known realm, even more so than Procyon, who is another notoriously isolationist planet. Alchiba has completely closed ‘borders’ for incarnation, meaning no soul from another planet can incarnate there. Furthermore, once a soul chooses to incarnate on Alchiba they may not have a lifetime anywhere else. If an Alchiban soul must leave, they can never return. Interestingly, this is not the case for Alchiban animal souls only for ‘humanoid’ souls.

This begs the question, why would we ever see an Alchiban soul on Earth? There are very few exceptions to this rule and the souls are carefully chosen who are allowed to leave and actually return. The most common reason I see Alchiban souls is when they are Blueprinters. More specifically, they are only Blueprint Technicians and Blueprint Changer subgroups for Earth. The Alchibans have been involved in creating other realms in the past, but they took on different roles. It’s important to note that not all Blueprint Technicians or Changers are of Alchiban origin, only a small percentage.  These select few souls are allowed to be a part of the Earth experiment and come here to do their job and send back data. It is quite deliberate as all Alchiban Blueprinters of Earth have the exact same trainings and have also served in a leadership position on their planet. These souls have been deemed the most ‘trustworthy’ and are allowed to incarnate on Earth and then return. These souls will only incarnate on Alchiba and Earth, no place else.

Are all Alchiban starseeds on Earth Blueprinter souls?


While it is most common to see an Alchiban soul because they are here as a Blueprinter; it is even more rare to come across one that has no Blueprinter affiliation at all. These are the even smaller percentage of those souls who decided to leave Alchiba and have adopted a secondary place as their new home world or they are just bouncing around incarnating on random planets. In these exceedingly rare circumstances, that secondary place is usually Alphirk. This actually makes sense as the Alphirkians are a very close-knit group but they do not place these same restrictions on their inhabitants. However, I have read for some Alchibans who have an affiliation with Zavijava.

Those starseeds on Earth tend to be different from the average Alchiban


Alchibans don’t wish any harm to come to Earth but they are not, in general, interested in participating in Earth experiment themselves. Even though I am told they are in a time of peace currently due to a treaty. Alchiba is a planet that has been riddled with war and turmoil in their past and aren’t wanting to get entangled in the issues on Earth. If an Alchiban were to incarnate on Earth they most likely have contribution or support lifetimes as learning and fun is not something they equate with Earth. Since they don’t incarnate anywhere else these souls are a tight knit group (much like the Alphirkians) who would crave belonging and are family-oriented in an earthly lifetime.

Alchibans have a serious side and are responsible people. They are straightforward in their communication and can handle adversity well due to a highly evolved inner strength that they posses. They are also good at manifesting what they want when on Earth. Because of the wars in this soul groups’ past they will have this element of guardedness even though they do enjoy being in a tribe or group. There’s also a sense that they like to be in control their lives and situations. In general Alchibans are not an adventurous group, but if there’s one on Earth, they will be unusually adventurous for an Alchiban and will most likely enjoy traveling and be open to taking some risks. I have also found that some Alchiban Blueprinters take on a specific “Earth persona” that they have developed from their experiences here. Due to it being a great honor to even incarnate on Earth on behalf of their soul group, these souls take their jobs very seriously. Some adapt behaviorally from their previous Earth experiences so that they are more effective in their duties and fitting in here. When this is the case, I am usually shown the lifetimes in which these behavioral traits have been taken on.

Since the Alchibans utilize horses on their realm, it is not uncommon for these souls in earthly lifetimes to be equestrians or be drawn to horses. Alchiban souls will also prefer to live in desert environments on Earth as that reminds them of home. This may not be the case in every lifetime they take on. Nonetheless, at least a few earthly lives will be centered around desert life. .


A high-dimensional realm that despite the restrictions has happy inhabitants


Alchiba is a physical realm, which is still in existence today and resonates in the 9th dimension. Even though Alchibans are not supposed to leave, it is a free society when there and the inhabitants are happy. The land there is dry. A desert landscape with rocky mountain like terrain. Their dwellings are molded from the natural environment and look natural and simple from the exterior but I’m told they are technologically advanced on the inside. They purposely make their cave-like homes hidden within the natural environment for protection. Alchibans are about 15’ tall with slim bodies, large bulbous, hairless, round heads, small eyes and other facial features, and have bright red skin that appears to glow a bit. Both males and females wear flowing silver garments and the female Alchibans wear silver hoods on their heads.

I find the Alchibans to be a fascinating soul group with a vast and complex history. Alchibans when incarnated on Earth are really interesting souls and I’ve been lucky to read for several in my career. If you think your soul may be of Alchiban origin, and you’d like to have your souls’ journey uncovered by me, click here.

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