Introducing Cofo: A World of Change

This image shows three Cofos, the beings on each end are in the process of changing their external appearance to express themselves. The being in the middle is represented in their ‘natural form’. Despite the negative connotations many on Earth have regarding shapeshifting reptilian beings, the Cofos are a friendly race who mean no harm to Earth. Artwork by Nicole Chi.


April 15, 2023: I was first introduced to this starseed soul group last year when doing my own Akashic Record research. I inquired if there was a particular race of beings that feel compelled to drastically change their external appearance when in earthly lifetimes. The response I was given was “yes” and they come from Gamma Corvi in the Corvus Constellation. The Arabic name for this planet is “Gienah” but the beings prefer to be known by their own name for their realm, which is “Cofo.” Cofo is a neighbor of Alchiba. Eventually clients who originated from Cofo began booking readings with me and I had the opportunity to discover how these energies are expressed in earthly lifetimes.

Cofos are a rarity on Earth, only 1 out of 1,000,000 souls incarnated here are from there. As a group, they have an average of 13 earthy lifetimes and have been coming to Earth for approximately 25,000 years. However, I have read for one Cofo soul whose been coming here for 100,000 years, one that just began incarnating here, and another who is a Blueprinter thus far. It appears as it was not rigidly scheduled when Cofo souls started experiencing Earth. Cofo starseeds incarnate on a wide variety of realms and are free to follow their bliss along their souls’ journeys. Many Cofo souls were present on Earth during Ancient Egypt, Europe during the Industrial Revolution, the American Civil War, Easter Island, as well as other Polynesian island lifetimes. Cofo souls prefer to live in densely populated areas when having earthly lifetimes.



Cofos are dynamic beings who embrace change



Change is constant in Cofo society. Even mates are frequently changed out on Cofo. Beings living on Cofo, and Earth, naturally change and evolve throughout their lives. On Cofo when the individual changes significantly their mate must change too. This is because the partners must match the new frequency/vibration. The mates are monogamous for however long they are together. Due to this natural turnover rate on their home world, many Cofo starseeds when on Earth may struggle to stay married to one partner for a lifetime, perhaps they agree to take on a lifetime where the spouse passes away at a young age, or even not get married at all. Love and attachment for an extended amount of time is something they struggle with and learn when here.

The beings who call Cofo home are not an unfeeling or callous bunch. They are quite family-oriented and enjoy togetherness. Their world is densely populated yet remains natural in how its designed, for example I did not see any cities there. Strong bonds are formed within their communities. They also cultivate good relationships with their neighboring planets. Close relationships are created and nurtured between the parents and their offspring; the Cofo children live with their mothers for their entire lives.

Many (but not all) earthlings who feel compelled to make extreme body modifications, are born with serious physical birth defects, or experience disfiguring accidents in a lifetime may originate from Cofo. These are strong and bold souls! With the Cofo starseeds specifically, there appears to be a regular pattern of several lifetimes where the altering of the physical appearance, whether intentionally or unintentionally, occurs and lessons are learned in that way. A Cofo soul may also take on lifetime(s) where they are considered extremely beautiful or ugly by that cultural standard. This does not mean that the Cofos are shallow or vain, to the contrary, they are just accustomed to expressing themselves through physical transformation. This is a cultural behavior from their home world that their soul has an urge to accomplish here even while in a human body.



Despite their appearances and our earthly biases, the Cofos are a race that is aligned with the light



Cofo is a planet that is still in existence. It is a physical planet inhabited by beings currently in the 10th dimension. They do have their own spaceships and their planet does participate in the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL). The Cofos have embraced technology but are careful to use it responsibly and not allow it to take over. They live in communal underground cave systems on their planet but frequently enjoy time outside. They are much taller than humans at around 8’ tall. What struck me instantly upon meeting them, was that the Cofos look similar to the Sleestack beings from the “Land Of The Lost” TV Show from the 1970s. The Sleestacks also lived in caves in the TV show.

Unlike the Sleestacks, Cofo beings are not negative creatures, and they can drastically change their physical appearance and body shape within seconds to whatever they desire (e.g., a human, a tree, a dog, a car, etc). Even though they possess these transformative capabilities, they spend much of their time in their ‘natural’ bodies. This is like what the Alphirkians can do but the Cofos can transform their bodies better and in more extreme ways. Exterior transformations are done mostly for self-expression purposes, although it could also be used for protection. The Cofos tell me that they can stay in a different form for a maximum of about 30 minutes and then must go back to their original state for a few minutes before they can transform themselves again.

Cofos are a reptilian race. In general, “The Reptilians” are considered by those who are knowledgeable in alien lifeforms to be unilaterally evil. I am not denying that negative reptilian races exist in our Universe, but there are other reptilian races that are benevolent (Mylos for example). The Cofos are one such race and when you add their ability to ‘shape shift’ that can ring additional alarm bells by what is currently understood on Earth. They haven’t shown themselves until now because of these stereotypes and how despised shape shifting reptilians are to earthlings that study alien lifeforms. It’s important to note that Cofos do not come here in their natural form and shapeshift into human bodies to deceive or control others. Instead, they are souls who call planet Cofo home and decide to incarnate on Earth for an experience and/or to help. The Cofo starseeds are souls in human bodies, yet these humans may still feel the need to change themselves in any earthly way possible because that is what they are accustomed to.

I’m honored that the Cofos have entrusted me with introducing them. It’s important that we don’t judge them solely by appearances or lump them in with previously held sweeping beliefs. Cofo starseeds are kind, bold, self-assured people who aren’t afraid to take initiative or embrace change. If you think your soul may have begun its journey on Cofo (aka Gamma Corvi or Gienah), click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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