Introducing Mylo: The Happiest Reptilians in the Universe

Image depicts a group of Mylo beings greeting me outside their city in a more rural area. Artwork by Nicole Chi.

December 9, 2022: It was through client Akashic Record readings that I was introduced to this planet and was pleasantly surprised when meeting the beings who lived there. Souls who began their incarnation journey on planet “Mylo” belong to this starseed group. I am told that Mylo is the name the inhabitants of the planet use for their realm, therefore, they wished to be called by their actual name and not location. The scientific name we use for Mylo found on our star maps is Omnicron Virginis and it is in the Virgo Constellation. Mylos are a rarity on Earth, with approximately 1 out of every 80,000 souls originating from there. Souls that come from Mylo generally don’t incarnate here on their own and would find themselves on Earth due to their relationship to another realm. Mylo starseeds have lifetimes on Earth if they have a secondary place of origination and that place happens to send souls here. The most common realms that show up as secondary places of origin for a Mylo starseed are, Zavijava, Arcturus, and Ruchbah. Since a few things need to align for these souls to incarnate on Earth, we can see why it is an unusual occurrence for a Mylo soul to come up in an Akashic Record reading.

Mylo souls began incarnating on Earth about 10,000 years ago, but the frequency in which they incarnate on Earth will vary depending on that secondary place of origination. However, Arcturian, Zavijavan, as well as Ruchbahian starseeds typically don’t have many earthly lifetimes under their belts either (averages are 15 to 25 lifetimes) so these Mylo souls won’t have too much experience living on Earth. The same goes for what common historical time periods they would have lifetimes during; the secondary place of origination drives that also.


Mylos are currently students of enlightenment who are being taught by the masters


Mylos will usually have other-focused lifetimes when they come to Earth as they are here to contribute in some way, but they still like to learn. The Mylos have been working with their neighbors, the Zavijavans, to learn enlightenment. This means staying completely centered when faced with extreme hardship, pain, emotional difficulties, etc. To the Mylos the external circumstances are not as important, but what is important is the ability to remain dethatched internally to external outcomes. Therefore, a Mylo soul will often take on earthly lifetimes to practice their newly learned enlightenment skills in low-density environment. Being happy as well as bringing happiness to others are key values in Mylo society. These beings have not mastered the art of enlightenment just yet (unlike the Zavijavans), but it is something they are actively working on.

The Mylo beings are enthusiastic, exuberant, and joyful in their attitudes. They will focus on the positives in any situation because this practice has helped their society immensely. Mylo souls are optimistic and very tapped into the Universal realm of possibility, they say “the sky is the limit.” As friendly, sweet, and positive the Mylos are, they do have a strong protective streak within them. They are adept at keeping appropriate boundaries both at the physical and energetic levels. The Mylos are a happy race, but they aren’t pushovers either. I was reminded that I was fully “vetted” for my pure intentions prior to be allowed in to see their world and interact with them.


It’s not all service to others as Mylo starseeds do like to learn life lessons while on Earth


In addition to happiness and enlightenment, Mylo souls will often be exploring on Earth the concepts of humility, prosperity, belonging, love and emotional attachment. Mylos are ‘get things done types’ who are naturally high achievers, but on Earth it is much tougher to achieve. Once they do reach their lofty goals, Mylo starseeds may struggle to remain grounded, so they often learn humility in this way. Prosperity is of interest because they do not experience the wealth disparities on Mylo nor do they use any currency. Mylos are very community minded. There is always a big group of these beings to greet me when I visit there, which is not always the case with other realms I’ve visited. Mylos are all very similar on their planet, meaning there aren’t many differences amongst them. Everyone is included on Mylo and no one is an ‘outsider’. Mylo souls learn belonging through experiencing the variety of religions, cultures, and ethnicities on Earth and how to fit within groups. Love and emotional attachment is often learned because relationships are more transitory and conditional on Earth in comparison to Mylo, so it is a way to fully understand relationships better by experiencing the trials and tribulations present here.

The Mylos are a benevolent and jovial reptilian race


Mylo is a physical realm in the 7th dimension that is still in existence today. The planet has gone through its own ascension process, but I was told that it wasn’t quite like what we have gone through on Earth. They look like stocky lizards who stand upright. Mylos are very busy beings, they are always running around (they are fast too) or showing how happy they are by jumping with glee. This race who inhabits Mylo are benevolent, warm, and welcoming which is in sharp contrast to the negative lizard extra-terrestrial connotations many hold on Earth. The Mylo race is genetically related to the Ankaans and the Gamma Phoenicians. They are joyful beings who are quite expressive, they tell me, “We are happy on the inside so it shows on the outside.” They are dark green in color with rough scales covering their bodies. The Mylos are short in stature, about 2’ to 2.5’ tall, they have two arms and two legs with a long tail. Mylos have sharp teeth that are hidden when they close their mouths and sharp claws. They tell me, “We look friendly but can be tough when we need to protect ourselves.”

Mylos live rather simply and close to nature on their world but they do have cities and rural areas to live in. They do have some ships that can fly short distances to neighboring planets, but I don’t see them as the type who really embrace technology as a way of life. I was charmed by the Myos’ good energy and enthusiasm as it was infectious. These beings shatter the stereotype that all reptilian races in our cosmos are negative. I am not saying that there aren’t malevolent reptilian ET races present in our Universe, but the Mylos are much different from them. If you think you may be a Mylo starseed, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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