Introducing the Gamma Phoenicians: Realm of the Dragons

Two Gamma Phoenicians relaxing on the ground and two are talking to each other via sonar while flying in the sky. Artwork by Nicole Chi.

April 29, 2022: I had the pleasure of meeting these undiscovered beings from Gamma Phoenicis located in the Phoenix Constellation. They are neighbors to the Ankaans and these souls will frequently incarnate there. The Gamma Phoenicians introduced themselves to me prior to ever reading an Akashic Record for a starseed client whose soul originated from there. I am told that these benevolent beings are super excited to be re-introduced to Earth and her inhabitants. Earth holds a very special place for the them as it both reminds them of their own world, and they used to visit/live on Earth while still in their Gamma Phoencian forms. However, it was around 100,000 to 50,000 years ago, so no one on Earth currently has knowledge of these beings and what they did while here. The Gamma Phoenicians explained that they used their specific knowledge and energies to help build the infrastructure of civilizations to prepare for the Earth souls to begin arriving here. Interestingly, they are not considered Blueprinter souls and just worked alongside the Blueprinters to help as they recognized the potential of Earth.

Starseeds that come from this realm have been incarnating on Earth (in earthly bodies) for about 10,000 years. Their lifetimes are mostly for learning purposes, but they will occasionally take on contribution lifetimes. I am told about 0.01% of souls currently on Earth would be of Gamma Phoencian origin. The Gamma Phoenician souls are free to have lifetimes wherever they please, but they do tend to stick close to home having many lifetimes on their home world once those initial foundational lifetimes have been completed. Although the average amount of earthly lifetimes for these souls is just 20. However, I very rarely read for these souls because when on Earth they tend to be very pragmatic, grounded, not particularly spiritually inclined, and are more accepting of their life circumstances; not the typical personality type who would be driven to receive an Akashic Record reading. They tend not to be men and women who ask why, but simply roll with life’s punches and make the best of what they have.


This realm is like the ‘Switzerland’ of the Universe


As a society the Gamma Phoenicians believe in complete non-violence. They do not participate in the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) or take sides with any other realm. They bring powerful energies of neutrality to the Universe and as a result there has never been a war on their planet. Even when in an earthly body, these people are wonderful at staying neutral and as a result make good mediators and harmonizers amongst different sides. Gamma Phoenicians are masters at overcoming obstacles and when a problem arises, they are determined to find a solution. In general, these beings are excellent at being resourceful, accepting circumstances outside their control, and will persevere by continuing to make their own well thought out decisions throughout the course of their lives. These souls will frequently incarnate in earthly locations that are either war torn or particularly challenging, for example the majority are living in China and Venezuela at this time. They are adept at turning their negative situations around coming out ahead relatively unscathed.  I am told that many Gamma Phoenician souls have terrific senses of humor which helps them cope and get through difficulties. In addition, they aren’t particularly rebellious or prone to hold grudges.

When in earthly lifetimes, these souls will frequently be struggling with being passionate about something or finding their ‘passion’ because they can be neutral to a fault. Truth is also a common life lesson because they are a realm of total transparency, so they come here to experience life in a world filled with hidden and half-truths. They also learn love/attachment because they are a polyamorous society that would have many attachments that are not as intense and long lasting as ours on Earth. The Gamma Phoenicians are emotional beings, but they just experience less emotional attachment when it comes to their mates. They also come here to learn abundance because they don’t need or have much ‘stuff’ on their world. It is interesting for them to experience the need to accumulate things and how this abundance can elevate someone in our society. Frequently these souls may be born into poverty but are drawn to being entrepreneurial in their lives. These souls do prefer to have lifetimes on Earth during times of strife such as, World War II. They also enjoy being here during times of great ingenuity and civilization building, for example, the Indus Valley Civilization and Europe during the Industrial Revolution.


Gamma Phoenicis is the home world for dragons


Gamma Phoenicians are physical beings who live in a physical realm that is in the 12th dimension. These beings look just like dragons, although they tell me that they cannot breathe fire, and their realm is the home world to the dragon race. They have either gray/green, slate blue, or dark grey scaly skin with white feathers along their spines, tails, and over the top of their wings. True to the myth of dragons, they are massive creatures with up to 100’ wingspans and are about 35’ feet tall to their shoulders. Despite their large size these beings are very comfortable flying and are agile while in the air. Communication amongst themselves is done either telepathically or via sonar. Their environment does look quite like Earth as there is green grass and a blue sky, but they have four suns that change positions in the sky throughout the day. There are no buildings anywhere as the Gamma Phoencians just live outside amongst nature. Not surprisingly the Gamma Phoenician starseeds on Earth tend to have an innate fascination with dragons and “Game of Thrones” type fantasy stories in general.

The Gamma Phoenicians are wonderful, friendly beings who really want to help us more on Earth. They are already helping in some capacity, but they desire to eventually work more directly with earthlings. Nonetheless, they know that at this time they would not be accepted here. It is their hope that one day they may return to Earth. If you would like to have your Akashic Record read by me, click here.

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“My reading with Erin was fantastic! She is very thorough and answered all of my questions. The information she obtained about my record was invaluable. It helped me confirm that l am on the right path and the gifts and lessons to focus on in this lifetime. Thank you Erin!”

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“My reading was a revealing process into my souls entire existence from the beginning till present, and at times it left me speechless. The reading was done professionally and with kindness, so that these revelations could be processed and understood in the context of my present being. She was clear and concise in her explanations and I will never forget the evening of the reading which I refer to as a spiritual axiom. From that moment on my life became completely different as I became aware of my entire spirit and a feeling of calmness slowly filled me. I highly recommend anyone to have their Akashic Record read by Erin. The respect, support and thorough explanations made it a complete and comfortable experience.”

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“If you want to know how old your soul is, which star system you came from, how many lifetimes, what special skills and gifts you have, why you are here on Earth now, what is your purpose, how come you just know some things and not know how or why, and so much more. You’ve come to the right being in Erin to find the answers to those questions plus answers to things you hadn’t thought about.

I live in Australia, Erin in the USA, so we had our meeting via Zoom to discuss the reading. Erin and I are strangers, yet she was telling me about my likes, dislikes, character and traits, strengths and weaknesses that only I know or suspected. Erin was so spot on with so many things it was uncanny. All done with respect, it was like having an old friend talk to you about your life/lives. Her skill as an Akashic Record Reader is outstanding and the calm manner she has in sharing your record with you is re-assuring.

Erin, respect and much love to you for the information you gave me through your skill, it has helped me greatly and put many things into perspective.”

– Richard C., Brisbane, Australia