Introducing the Anlkkols: Masters of Manifestation and Crystal Technology

Image of an Anlkkol being on Beta Phoencis. This Anlkkol is showing her kind and generous nature by handing the visitor a flower as a welcoming gesture. Artwork by Rina Minta.


December 31, 2022: I encountered these beings through client Akashic Record readings a while ago, but since they show up so infrequently, it has taken me a long time to get to know them. The Anlkkols call the planet Beta Phoenicis in the Phoenix Constellation, home. Anlkkol souls don’t usually have earthly incarnations. These starseeds have lifetimes here due to an association with another soul group that does incarnate on Earth. This is also how the Mylo and Beta Pegasi soul groups end up here. Nonetheless, the Anlkkols are a benevolent race of beings who desire to help but prefer to do so indirectly. Anlkkols have a history of enslavement in their distant past and they are not so enthusiastic about reliving it here on Earth. These souls prefer to serve on Spirit Guide teams to support others. However, Anlkkol starseeds will most commonly incarnate on Beta Pegasi to learn how to effectively use their own energy fields for protection and Nof to work out karma through Universal justice.



These beings are experts at utilizing crystal technology



Although I wouldn’t call them shy, the Anlkkols were cautious when first approaching me. They seemed to cloak themselves to appear as invisible outlines of their bodies while moving through the trees. Like energetic ripples in the environment. Once an Anlkkol decided I was safe to engage with he took off some sort of suit that covered his entire body and he became visible. This was interesting, so I asked how this technology worked, and I was shown a massive, light blue, rotating diamond. I was informed that it ‘powered’ the suits. Anlkkols are masterful at utilizing the most advanced crystal technology in existence.

It was explained to me that there are many important crystals located in Earth and around the Universe. Since these gems are so vital, and the Anlkkols are crystal experts, many of these beings will be responsible for watching over them. Due to having both expertise and access to some of the most powerful crystals in our Universe, they will tap into these crystals for their technology. Otherwise, I did not see any gadgets around nor do they have spaceships as their planet is a very natural environment.

Another unique aspect of the Anlkkol ‘crystal guarding’ is that one dimension of themselves will be preforming this job while other dimensions are elsewhere. For example, you could meet an Anlkkol being on Beta Phoenicis living their life in the physical. However, a dimension of themselves is elsewhere watching the crystal. All souls are multi-dimensional, even us currently on Earth. However, I thought it was an interesting example for the multidimensionality of the soul to be shown in practice.


Anlkkols prefer to work in small communities or be solitary for periods of time



Anlkkol souls exude the energies of self-assurance, yet they remain gentle in demeanor (they are never harsh or arrogant). These souls have strong faith that the Universe will provide. Anlkkols have collectively persevered as a species through some major obstacles in their past, so they are accustomed to powering through life’s difficulties. It is also through experiencing these difficulties they have developed a strong sense of self-worth. Anlkkol souls know deep in their core that everything is indeed temporary. While these beings are emotional and feel love intensely, they don’t become overly attached to anyone or anything in their world. In Anlkkol society, they do not have lifelong mates. A mating pair will be monogamous with each other for a while, but once life changes and significant growth happens, the mates change.

Anlkkols are more solitary beings on their planet and usually work in small groups. It’s not to say that they cannot all work together for a common goal, but they just like their space and prefer small communities to interact with daily. Nonetheless, they are generous with their time, energy, love, etc. when someone needs it. This is the currency that Anlkkols use as they do not have money on their planet.


Beta Phoenicis is a high-dimensional realm that ascended from a low dimension


Beta Phoenicis is a physical realm that is still around today and currently in the 12th Dimension. Anlkkols when in their home world can manifest what they want instantly. As a result, they will struggle with impatience in an earthly lifetime due to the time it takes for the manifestations to show up in our dense reality. Beta Phoenicis began as a 3rd dimensional realm, and they ascended their way up. Even though the major trauma occurred about 1 billion years ago, these beings are still working through the traumas and karmic debt from their distant past. In their view, life on Earth is too intense and they aren’t looking to relive what they have already gone through “enough is enough.”

Their realm is a dense jungle with giant trees and vines. I cannot even see the sky, just the underneath of the tree canopy. They do not go above the tree canopy as they feel it is safer to stay under the trees. I was told “old habits die hard.” There are also rivers and streams filled with various sea life. The Anlkkols live amongst nature with no cities, dwellings, or buildings. However, they showed me these 30’ tall golden abandoned structures that are thin, cylindrical pyramids. They look like a cross between Medieval and highly modern architecture. The Anlkkols keep these buildings around even though they are in disrepair and never go in them. I was told that another race of beings took over Beta Phoenicis in the early stages of its planetary development. These invaders lived in these structures as they ruthlessly ruled over the Anlkkols. These golden buildings are kept as memorials “to teach, to learn, to remember to never return.”

Anlkkols appear to be a cross between Chewbacca and an orangutan who stand 8’ to 10’ tall. Their long arms enable them to swing from tree branches. Anlkkols have long, shaggy, dark auburn hair all over their bodies and sharp teeth. They have very dexterous hands and feet so that they can hang from and climb trees with ease. However, Anlkkol beings can walk upright on two-legs or on all fours on the jungle floor if they desire.

These beings are a fascinating group who I enjoy working with. It will take some time to totally comprehend their contributions to our Universe. If you feel that your soul may have spent some time on Beta Phoenicis during its journey, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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