Introducing Awevl: Timekeepers of the Universe

This image depicts Awevl beings in their home world. Time appears to be sped up or slowed down at their discretion. The mirrored convex shield shows all possible timelines and outcomes for whatever it is shined on. Artwork by Nicole Chi.


December 11, 2023: This is a highly unusual soul group to come up in an Akashic Record reading for a soul currently on Earth, because this group doesn’t incarnate here. The only reason a starseed soul originating from this group will incarnate here is if they also have a secondary place their soul is aligned with, and that group has earthly lives. Starseeds who belong to this group will have had their foundational lifetimes on planet Alpha Pegasi in the Pegasus Constellation. The Arabic name for the star is “Markab”. However, the beings who live on Markab prefer to be known by what they call themselves, which is “Awevl.”

This group first established contact with me on their own in May of 2022 as they wished to be known on Earth. When I communicate with them it’s never with just one Awevl but a collective of them speaking in unison. I was told that the Awevls love Earth and are watching it closely.  They both assist Earth and plan to begin incarnating here once it’s officially in the 5th dimension. Awevls send helpful energies of patience, divine love, and generosity of spirit to Earth. While these souls are free to leave or incarnate wherever they desire, most tend to continue having many lifetimes past their requisite foundational ones. These beings tend exercise caution about decisions they make and take their time to examine all possibilities before taking a leap. Nonetheless, Awevls do frequently work alongside other realms, specifically their neighbors the Kregs and Beta Pegasis.


Planet Awevl has an important role in our Universe


Awevl society is currently, and has always been, in the 9th dimension. Awevls are not particularly interested in realm creation and are rarely Blueprinters. This is a benevolent group and is a physical planet. This planet is densely populated and appears busy. While the ambient energy there feels chaotic to me, the Awevls do not see it that way as they are accustomed to receiving massive amounts of information at once and processing it rapidly. It’s like they are all informational “super computers,” interpreting data and moving ahead accordingly. The Awevls have an important significance in our Universe as they control all time. I was told their planet is the location of the convergence of time.

They have a technology that looks and is held like a shield that is a seamless convex mirror. Whatever they shine or point that mirror shield on will show all possibilities and outcomes. They created this technology so that could make the best decisions for their group. The Awevls are considered “the Oracles of our Universe.” The “looking glass” technology that you may have heard of is based off their creation. I find the Awevls to be unbelievably patient, as I suppose that is a nice side effect of controlling time and having the ability to view all outcomes in advance. The Awevls tell me, “Time can be as fast or as slow as you wish it to be.” One Awevl starseed client corroborated this; he remarked that in his current Earth life he has occasionally been able to control the speed of time.



Awevl realm and its inhabitants are unlike any another race I have encountered


The Awevls are humanoid in shape and stand approximately 10 feet tall. They have solid black bodies and have featureless yet angular red and black faces. These beings cannot fly but can effortlessly jump high. That same client also has clear memories of being able to jump to great heights. Awevls speak via telepathy or energy because they do not have spoken language. Awevls are cautious types and tend to take their time weighing all options before deciding on something. They are also kind and willing to give to those in need, but they will also be willing to receive help, they said “paying it forward” is an important tenet in their society.

Awevls are very empathic to the trauma suffered by others who have willingly experienced evil or negativity. It’s common for Awevls to take on the task healing souls on Spirit Side after they have died from traumatic events. However, for themselves they generally tend to be risk adverse when it comes to choosing negative timelines. Perhaps that is why they refrain from earthly incarnations currently.

An Awevl starseed will frequently learn prosperity as they do not have money on their planet and everyone is equal. They have little tolerance for the monetary structures currently on our world. I was told Awevls view money as “evil” as its use sucks the life force out of earthlings. These souls will often hold back their true opinions if they feel as they may offend others. They are very polite. Instead of engaging with negativity or evil, Awevl souls will often just back away and not confront it.


Parallel timeline information is archived there, but it is different from what is found in the Akashic Records


There are many 50’ to 100’ tall black ‘limestone’ tower structures on their world. If one touches one of these towers you get a download of all its contents. I was immediately faced with a rush of information when I touched one. Since I’m not an Awevl, it was simply too much for me to process in any meaningful way. The Akashic Record Library contains all information about a soul’s journey for eternity. The information is not supposed to ever be deleted. The tower structures on Awevl hold all potential timelines both taken and not taken. However, this timeline data is not kept forever as it gets purged periodically. This planet feels like a frenetic acid trip, but it is of no issue for the Awevls they are experts at managing and making sense of large amounts of information. This group has ships, but they do not come near Earth. Awevl does participate in the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL).

I have only read for two Akashic Record reading clients with ties to Awevl thus far. Hopefully, I’ll get to read for more in the future to gain deeper knowledge of the energies they possess. I do struggle with conceptualizing time when it is outside linear structures (like how we experience time on Earth). These beings accept this about me and are working to assist in my further understanding of the various facets of time. The Awevls have been extremely patient with me as I attempt to comprehend their world. This expertise/interest in controlling time is used to help themselves and others to avoid potential traumatic and negative timelines. If this resonates with you and would like to have your Akashic Record read by me, click here.


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I live in Australia, Erin in the USA, so we had our meeting via Zoom to discuss the reading. Erin and I are strangers, yet she was telling me about my likes, dislikes, character and traits, strengths and weaknesses that only I know or suspected. Erin was so spot on with so many things it was uncanny. All done with respect, it was like having an old friend talk to you about your life/lives. Her skill as an Akashic Record Reader is outstanding and the calm manner she has in sharing your record with you is re-assuring.

Erin, respect and much love to you for the information you gave me through your skill, it has helped me greatly and put many things into perspective.”

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