The Hadarians: Love and History are Important

This image shows male and female Hadarians in their world. The floating structures in the background are their dwellings. Artwork by Nicole Chi.


Hadarians are extremely loving beings who live on the planet Hadar, also called Beta Centauri, in the Centaurus Constellation. This race of beings is well-known and a common starseed soul group found on Earth. Akashic Record Readers have been working with these clients for decades. As a result, there is a plethora of information on the internet about the traits the Hadarian souls bring forth into the physical. Since this is a soul group that I did not discover, I had no plans to write about them or to commission an artwork showing their likeness. I assumed that images already existed showing the Hadarians elsewhere on the internet.

A few months ago, and to my complete surprise, a group of beings from Hadar reached out to me and requested that I have a drawing made of them. I had never interacted directly with the Hadarians before, although I do read for clients whose souls originate from there regularly. This blog focuses on new information as I’m not interested in regurgitating content that is already available. However, the Hadarians informed me that no image exists of them and that is why they reached out to me. I agreed to have one done but requested that they provide me with new information that is not already known about the history of Hadar. This entry has been placed under the ‘new beings I have discovered’ banner to honor the Hadarians desire to be shown and have this image prominently displayed and not be buried deep in previous articles. The following information was given to me by this group of Hadarian beings who are currently living on Hadar.



Hadar and Alderamin have a similar focus but exist in different dimensions



The planet Hadar was created about 1.8 million years ago as a lower dimensional offshoot of Alderamin, where souls could experience Divine Love in its purest form while in a physical body. The realm was designed to be a sanctuary of beauty, love, and kindness. There were no wars and the beings who lived there were very connected to one another. Hadar started off in the 5th dimension but did become a 3rd dimensional realm for a long time. Today the Hadarians enjoy life in the 5th dimensional vibration once again and are preparing to ascend even higher into the 7th dimension. Souls that chose to incarnate on Hadar did so because they were interested in learning about and putting forth the effort to practice Divine Love. Since it is a much lower dimensional place than the 12th dimensional Alderamin, love remains a choice on Hadar and it is a school for learning something fundamental to a soul’s existence.

Since the Hadarian beings and their communities were so unconditionally loving, they were also naïve. It was this innocence that attracted the negative beings who saw them as an easy target. Much like what has been experienced on Earth, the darkness began to infiltrate very slowly into Hadarian society. Over hundreds of thousands of years Hadarian society had been almost completely enslaved by the dark. Many corrupted souls were placed in leadership positions on their planet, and abusively wielded power over the population there. This type of light crushing behavior was confusing to the Hadarians because it was so foreign to them.

The Hadarians approached these negative behaviors with unconditional love and understanding because that’s how they knew to solve problems. This approach, while usually a good solution, was not effective and their planet plunged into more and more darkness. Wars began breaking out amongst those on their own planet, famine, enslavement, pain and suffering eventually edged out their natural Divine Love tendencies. Misery was the common emotion felt by the Hadarians, which in turn, fed the negative souls and made them stronger. It became a dysfunctional symbiotic relationship further anchoring the negative entities to that world and emboldening more evil to exist there. Universally darkness cannot thrive in the light, it must create an environment in which it can survive.



Hadar was slowly taken over and their society was completely changed from its natural loving state



To initially enslave the Hadarians a type of currency was introduced to their world. No monetary system existed there prior to the dark souls showing up. The Hadarians were a communal culture that worked together to provide for themselves and keep everything moving along smoothly. Helping each other was the way of their world, no one was better or richer than anyone else. Once this currency was fully integrated into their lives, many Hadarians fell into debt. The idea of resource scarcity was promoted. The beings became debt slaves, were sent to debtor’s prisons, and a form of indentured servitude on a mass scale was created.

This immense love that Hadar and the Hadarians stood for was turned into hate over time. The population was manipulated to see the differences in each other and not their similarities. This kept the population fractured and stopped them from working together like they used to. In Hadarian culture, the souls there mated for life “their souls call each other together” and no divorce or familial break ups occurred. When the dark souls infiltrated their world, family units and communities were intentionally broken.



Past experiences still effect present day Hadrian behavior



You may notice from the artist rendition of Hadar, that their homes are about 20’ above the ground. Hadarians cannot fly or levitate so they use retractable ladders to climb up into their dwellings. When I asked why this is, I was shown the houses being on the ground in earlier years. I was given the vision of Hadarian military-type beings holding weapons breaking in and literally pulling people out of the homes. Even though this negative element is long gone on their world, this fear remains. Therefore, homes are made less accessible by raising them off the ground. I could not fully comprehend how this technology works that allows the houses to levitate off the ground, but they do. The Hadarians let me know that they are a more natural realm and that as a group they do not embrace technology for technologies sake. That since technology had been used against them in the past, the Hadarians collectively are wary of it. I was told, “we use what God gives us, that is enough.”



God stepped in to finally free the Hadarians but they still had to do the work to free themselves



When I asked the specifics of what finally freed the Hadarians from the dark, I was told that it was God’s plan to have Hadar continue and learn to overcome what they had allowed in. God was not going to let Hadar be completely taken over by evil. Hadar was vital in our Universe to serve as an additional beacon of Divine Love. With God’s directive and stepping in, the process begun to help break the spell that the Hadarians had been put under and fight their enslavement. Hadarians began to wake up and found the strength to stand up for themselves. While it was chaotic on their planet for a while as their society was breaking down, they banded together and pulled through. When I pushed for more details I was told that God ordered a bright white light to strike Hadar along with the beings living there and the issue was finally eradicated. A final death blow to the evil still lurking there. However, the Hadarians had to relearn their natural way of being and work to rebuild a kinder, gentler, more loving society. It was mentioned to me that the dark likes to “talk a big game” as they have been allowed to rule for a time but that evil does fear God.



Hadarians love their Earth brothers and sisters very much and feel what we are going through deeply



This traumatic period in Hadars history, even though it has been over for half a million years, still deeply affects the Hadarians collective psyche and energy. I was informed that, “when a soul chooses a homeworld, wherever it may be, the entire history of the planet is encoded or embedded into the energy of that world.” Meaning any soul that began their journey as a Hadarian, even post evil takeover will still embody some of those energetic imprints from the past. The souls who did experience it first-hand will feel that energetic imprint even stronger. Therefore, some Hadarians are still struggling with their history of enslavement to this day and are fearful of authority. The Hadarians resonate strongly with what the souls on Earth are going through.

Hadarian starseeds have been incarnating here for a long time and for many incarnations to assist and bring in those desperately needed loving energies to our world. They prefer to work this way or by sending loving energies to Earth remotely versus participating in the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) or something similar. This group of beings reminded me, “Hadarians are lovers not fighters.” Hadarians do not have spaceships and prefer to make contact telepathically with those they chose to work with. I got the impression that they may not have spoken to many on Earth before.

The purpose of this blog is to explain what had occurred previously on Hadar and to show that this same playbook has been used on Earth as well. Earth’s current predicament with the dark has been played out on other realms and has been foiled by those benevolent souls willing to incarnate onto the planet in turmoil to help as well as God saying “no more.” Even though it now appears bleak, Earth will also ultimately be lifted from the darkness and flourish once again just like Hadar. Let’s learn from the Hadarians and keep up the hope and love on Earth. If you want to know if you are a Hadarian starseed, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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