Introducing the Beta Sextantians: Friendly Insectoid Beings

Image shows a Beta Sextantian being above ground in his home world with another Beta Sextantian in the underground tunnels where they reside. Artwork by Rina Minta.


June 13, 2022  It was through a client Akashic Record reading that I first encountered these undiscovered beings, the Beta Sextantians. These starseed souls come from a planet far away from Earth located in the Sextans Constellation. It’s taken me a long time to write about them, because as a group they do not incarnate on Earth often. These starseed souls would have spent their foundational incarnations on planet Beta Sextantis, prefer to be called Sextantians. The Sextantians tell me that they are happy to be known by us on Earth but want to make it clear that they don’t differentiate themselves from any other Sextantian beings. They also include Regulus in that group. However, I must note that the Beta Sextantians do possess their own energies, realm, and appearance that is unique to them. Therefore, not all the planets or beings in the Sextans constellation look the same or have the same agendas.


These souls infrequently come into earthly incarnations, but when they do it’s to learn


The first Beta Sextantians began incarnating on Earth recently, about 20,000 years ago. However, even when they do incarnate on Earth it is with just an average of 12 earthly lifetimes. Instead, they prefer to have lifetimes on other planets in the Sextans Constellation, including Regulus (which is technically in the Leo Constellation), and they will often have many lifetimes in other Universes. These beings aren’t very invested or experienced with the Earth experiment. They do occasionally have lifetimes here because of the challenges our planet presents and the opportunity for soul growth. I was shown that the Beta Sextantians will send loving energies to Earth to assist in the ascension of the souls who are currently here. So, there is an element of helping but in an ancillary way.

When the Sextantians incarnate on Earth, they are usually learning lifetimes. A common life lesson Sextantian starseeds learn is belonging to and/or establishing community amongst the backdrop of competition and duality in this lower 3rd dimensional reality. Nonetheless, the Sextantians are very community-oriented when in their own home world. They have mastered the art of working within groups to meet a goal. Sextantians tend to learn centeredness as they can get out of balance easily in low-density environments. Success is another a common lesson because total equality is the only way in their culture. Therefore, experiencing earning lots of money and being considered more important than others due to a perceived monetary value is a unique experience. They learn soul-realization due to being mostly cut off from spirit when here. What intrigues them is that internal challenge to find their way back to who they truly are. Confidence is another lesson that comes up as they learn to overcome that rampant inequality present on Earth.

Beta Sextantian souls when in earthly bodies are the type to like adventure but prefer more internal versus physical exploration. These souls make great spouses who place an importance on family, extended family, and even extended, extended family. These men and women are adaptable and are unconditional in their interactions with others, essentially, they are non-judgmental types. These souls also are keen to speak their minds and their truth when in earthly lifetimes, but they will express themselves in a laidback manner. Beta Sextantian starseeds are more analytical in their approach to obtaining and processing knowledge. Perhaps it is that analytic focus the Sextenatians possess is the reason they do not often seek out Akashic Record readings. These souls are generally not known to be realm creators, so they aren’t usually here as a Blueprinter either.


Sextantian beings on Beta Sextantis are insectoid but have complex human emotions and empathy


Beta Sextantis is a physical realm that still exists today and is in the 9th dimension. Their realm is very flat with no mountains or bodies of water. The sky is deep blue during the day with a red sun that casts a red hue on the landscape. I get the impression that it is hot in temperature there as well. The realm is covered in with what looks like tall purple grass, and I saw no buildings on the surface. These beings are massive, about three times the size of a human, and red. Beta Sextantian beings do not look humanoid at all, as they appear to be giant praying mantises. Please note, that while there are some malevolent mantis species in our Universe, these beings are benevolent. The malicious mantis beings originate from Gamma Sextantis, are green, and while still large compared to us, they are smaller than the Beta Sextantians.

They can fly short distances while low to the ground but seem to prefer teleporting anywhere on their planet for longer travel distances. The Sextantians have dug extensive underground tunnel communities, as that is where they live. I saw many Sextantians working together and helping each other underground. It appears they spend much of their time underground and only go to the surface for short periods of time.

The Sextantians are very inclusive in both their communications with each other and with me. I never speak to one or two representatives from there at a time, but I hear from them as a collective. This just shows how invested and important community and togetherness is to them. The energies these beings bring forward are calmness, love, and understanding. The Sextantians gave me a message to starseed souls currently on Earth, “tell them we are so proud of them, it’s a big deal to go to Earth, they are admired in our world.”

Lastly, due to the striking similarities in overall appearance I asked if the Beta Sextantians had any relationship to the praying mantises we have here on Earth. It was explained that the Earth Blueprint Designers of the insect world used the Beta Sextantian likeness as a reference for that species. The Sextantians have nothing to do with praying mantises here and they want it to be known that they don’t bite each other’s heads off either (unlike their earthly counterparts). If this sounds familiar and you think your soul may originate from the Beta Sextantian soul group, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.

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