Introducing the Gamma Nihals: Feline Neighbors to the Nihals

On the left is a Nihal male and on the right is a Gamma Nihal female with the Lepus Constellation in the background. Artwork by Maria Isto


December 15, 2021  I discovered this group about a year ago and have since read for several starseed clients whose souls originate from Gamma Nihal. It took me some time to figure out the energetic differences between this soul group and their already well-known neighbors, the Nihals. The Nihal soul group resides on Beta Leporis in the Lepus Constellation and the Gamma Nihals come from Gamma Leporis in the same constellation. Nihal is the Arabic name for these planets and the beings from both these worlds prefer the Arabic version. The Nihals, from Beta Leporis are very well known to Akashic Record Readers as these souls come up in readings frequently.


For some reason their neighbors, the Gamma Nihals, remained unknown until about a year ago. I am not sure if these two groups were simply lumped together with no differentiation made or not. There are lots of similarities between the two groups but also some vast differences. However, these beings from both of these planets have a good relationship with each other and do work together.


Nihal (Beta Leporis) is technologically advanced and they want to help Earth evolve


Since Nihals are already known, I have never written about them because it wasn’t new information. Here is a brief Nihal overview to help us understand the Gamma Nihals. There are a fair amount of Nihal souls incarnated on Earth at the moment and they have been coming here on average for 17,000 years. Although I’ve read for a non-Blueprinter Nihal client who had been incarnating here for 200,000 years. So it can vary from soul to soul. These souls usually have a moderate amount of experience on Earth, with an average of 35 lifetimes. They tend to be specific about when they choose to incarnate on Earth; usually during times of societal evolution and these souls incarnate to help usher in change.


It has been said that many of the young people who are currently incarnated and have psychic gifts, commonly referred to, as “Indigo Children” are Nihal souls. I have not found the Nihal souls that I have read for to be more intuitively gifted than other clients with different soul originations. However, this indigo affiliation could come from that these beings have large indigo eyes. It is a very distinct feature of theirs.


Nihals are very progressive in their thinking and actions. They are here to create change and they are often found working for non-profits or very dedicated to some sort of activism (e.g., homelessness, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, etc). These souls come here mostly to contribute these progressive energies and ideas to our world, but they also come here to learn. Nihals are often quirky in their behavior, especially when they are young. Nihal souls remain very youthful at any age (they even seem to physically age slower than the rest of us) and have a bright, fun energy about them.


They will often embrace new technologies because Nihal is a very technologically advanced civilization that utilizes a lot of machines/gadgets in their everyday lives. Life there seems happy and fun, but very busy, like a utopian New York City energy to it. Nihal is a physical realm that is currently in the 9th dimension.


Gamma Nihals are not a subgroup of Nihal, they are their own unique realm


Starseed souls who have their foundational lifetimes on Gamma Leporis have been coming here longer than their neighbors, approximately 50,000 years. However they haven’t necessarily had many more lifetimes on Earth, with just 35 as an average. Gamma Nihals will incarnate on Earth whenever an opportunity arises where they can learn their desired lessons. So, there is no time period in particular when many of these souls were here.


The Gamma Nihals do not consider themselves Indigo or Crystal children, this could also be because their eyes are not indigo, but green. Nonetheless, the souls tend to be more intuitively inclined in an earthly body than the Nihals (in my experience).


Gamma Nihals are also progressive in their thinking but they are not usually working in non-profits or protesting in demonstrations. Their progressiveness simply lies in their thinking and their approach to their personal lives. Their mission on Earth is simply to learn their life lessons and not try to change things here. Gamma Nihals are very friendly, free-spirited, and curious people with good senses of humor.  The ‘quirky’ behaviors are less pronounced in comparison with the Nihals. These souls are well liked in their communities and have no trouble making lots of friends. They also maintain the same youthful energies throughout their earthly lifetimes as their neighbors do.


Society is very different on Gamma Nihal; this is a more natural realm that is calmer. The nature on that planet is similar to ours as their trees, grass, mountains, and waterways look similar to ours. As a result Gamma Nihals will have a much deeper appreciation for nature. They do have some technology on their world, usually located inside their cave dwellings, and tend to only utilize it in small amounts. These souls may not be as interested or savvy regarding technology as the Nihals. Gamma Nihal is also a physical realm that currently in the 10th dimension, so they are slightly further along in spiritual evolution.


Gamma Nihal and Nihal beings physical appearances are quite different


Nihal beings are humans that look just like we do but more perfect. They are attractive (by our earthly ideals) with blond hair and caucasian skin. They wear white robotic looking clothes, with gold markings, that are still able to flex with their body movements. Their cities are also filled with white skyscrapers and flying ‘cars’.


In contrast the Gamma Nihal beings are somewhat catlike. I am told their DNA is a cross between the Lyrans (also feline beings) and the Nihals. Therefore, they are still humanlike and can walk on either two or four legs. They have tan skin and brown or dark auburn hair. And although they don’t have fur on their bodies like cats do, they have cattails and claws.


The youthful energy and progressive viewpoints are very strong in both types of Nihals. Both Nihals have excellent relationships with the Sirian soul group and will often have other Nihal or Sirian souls in their family or amongst their close friends. There are slightly fewer Gamma Nihals currently incarnated on Earth than Nihal souls. If you think you may be a Nihal or a Gamma Nihal starseed soul, have your Akashic Record read by me.

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