Introduction to Alkes: The Realm of Creation and Energy

Image of an Alkien being creating a ball of energy that he will send out into the Universe. Artwork by Rina Minta.

October 25, 2021 While researching the various Blueprinter groups in the Akashic Record Library, I came across this previously undiscovered yet important realm in our Universe.  The planet on our star maps is called Alpha Crateris located in the Crater Constellation. Nevertheless, the Alpha Craterians prefer to be called Alkiens as Alkes is the Arabic name of the planet, which translates to “the cup.” This realm and the Alkiens that live there are known for their superb creation abilities that may even surpass the Alderamins’ own creative skills. Souls that originate from Alkes would probably never come up in an Akashic Record reading for a being who is currently incarnated on Earth as they were banned from having lifetimes here 6,000 years ago. Only in exceedingly rare circumstances would an Alkien soul incarnate here now. The very few Alkiens that are still here will be too mission driven and are busy overcoming extreme obstacles, as they are here to engage in some very challenging and busy lifetimes.

Why am I writing about a soul group who doesn’t come here anymore or would not show up in a client reading?  For starters, Earth wouldn’t be here without them and they are a big reason for the situation we find ourselves in at this time on Earth. Souls from this group were some of the earliest ones to incarnate on our world as they began coming here en masse approximately 200,000 years ago. As one can imagine, Earth and the Alkiens have a fascinating and deep involvement with each other. There’s an interesting history that will be explained in detail in a future blog.


Many Alkiens are experienced Blueprinter souls


Like I mentioned above, these souls are creators and have been integral in the development of many other planets in our Universe and Universes beyond. So, it comes as no surprise that many of these beings are or have been Blueprinters. These souls were instrumental in creating Earth as they made up a large percentage of our Blueprint Coordinators, Blueprint Originators, and Blueprint Designers. For the Alkiens, Earth was just a more recent creation because many were previously involved in creating Gamma Leporis, Alpha Centauri, Beta Sextantis, among others. Alkiens don’t just create other worlds, but they are creative in general. The Alkien focus in their homeworld is to follow their desires to create anything, from artistic expression to new technology and anything in between. Many souls who adopt this realm as their secondary place of origination do so to practice the art of creation. Souls will often receive initial creativity training on spirit side, when not in body, and then choose multiple lifetimes on Alkes to experience expressing creation in a physical body/environment.


These beings are energy creators for our Universe


Alkiens have another important skill and purpose in our Universe and that is to create universal energy. This is the energy that is found all around us in the natural environment, from the ground to the ether, on Earth and on every other realm in existence. This Universal energetic force doesn’t seem to emanate from the planet but from the Alkiens themselves. These beings radiate a kinetic energy, which they send out into the Universe. Even when incarnated on other realms Alkien souls have tremendous energy and, naturally, are highly creative in whatever is their chosen expertise.

In general, these beings are benevolent and love Earth as many Alkiens considered it a second home. These souls of Alkien origin enjoyed learning their life lessons on Earth with an average of 35 lifetimes up until they no longer reincarnated into earthly lifetimes. The most common lessons were; learning to be emotional as they don’t feel emotions as strongly as we do on Earth, keeping their integrity in a world of duality, love and attachment because their family ties are not as strong as ours, moderation (many struggled with addictions during lifetimes here), and prosperity to experience socio-economic differences that are not present on their home world. The Alkien society is structured to be extremely equal, no one has any more or less than anyone else. Another example is that a family member is considered no more (or less) important than a fellow being who is stranger. Alkiens possess the positive energies of humility, confidence, adventurousness, honesty, abundance, and acceptance.


Alkiens and Alchibans have similar characteristics and a history


Alkes is a physical planet and still exists today and it resonates in the 12th dimension. This planet seemed much more populated than any other realm I’ve visited thus far, but still not overpopulated. Even though Alkien souls generally don’t have lifetimes on Earth anymore, Alkes is not an isolationist planet. The Alkiens allow souls from most other places of origination to incarnate there. They also continue to experience lifetimes on other planets. I’m told they frequently incarnate on; the Pleiades, Andromeda, Alpha Caeli, Zavijava, Ruchbah, and Ankaa.

The natural environment of Alkes itself reminds me of the Pacific Northwest in the United States. I got the feeling that it is cold there. Their sky appears blue and looks quite similar to ours, the land is lush and mountainous, with an abundance of ancient fir trees. The fir trees were so massive and tall that I could barely even see the sky. I was shown that they resided in elaborate dwellings inside of the mountains, this is similar to the Alchiban dwellings, a neighboring planet with whom they have had a tumultuous past. Nonetheless, the similarities to the Alchibans doesn’t end there, these beings look a lot like each other. The Alkiens appear to have the same color of vibrant red skin, bulbous head shape, small human-like face, and wear silver clothes (with a different style). The most noticeable difference is that they are short and stocky in stature in comparison to the impossibly slender Alchibans.

I found these beings to be friendly and excited for the positive changes that will be occurring on Earth. They are rooting for us and have suffered along with those last several generations of earthlings experiencing the awakening. If you’d like to have your soul record researched to know where your soul came from and much more, click here for an Akashic Record Reading completed by me.

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