Introducing Zaniah: Sensitive Amphibious Beings

This image shows Zaniah beings in the external part of their world which is entirely aquatic. They also live inside their world which is dry land complete with landing docks for their impressive spaceships. Artwork by Nicole Chi. 


September 12, 2023: The beings who live on Eta Viriginis in the Virgo Constellation first introduced themselves to me a year and a half ago through client Akashic Record readings. It has taken me awhile to read for enough starseed clients who’ve originated from this world to confirm my research. This group prefers to be called by their planets’ Arabic name which is “Zaniah.” In general, these souls do not incarnate on Earth frequently nor have they coming here for long.

Zaniah starseeds began arriving in small numbers approximately 5,000 years ago. On average they have 15 earthly lifetimes. However, there are some Earth Blueprint Designer and Translator souls that do originate from this world. Souls originating from Zaniah most often incarnate on Earth to assist humanity in some way. According to the Akashic Records, the most Zaniah souls at this time are living in the United States, Croatia, South Korea, and Israel.


While service oriented Zaniahs do learn lessons here


On their home world, these souls are very good at working together to reach a common goal. They are fair and have a lot of integrity, they are also loyal to others or a cause. As a group they have worked on being very centered energetically and behaviorally when things go awry. They also celebrate beauty in all its forms; inner, outer, natural, and artistic expression. Zaniahs do take pride in how visually stunning their realm is.

Zaniah souls to outsiders appear to be serious and get down to business types. They have analytical natures and like to break things down to their functioning parts. While they insist that they do have fun on their planet even though they take their missions and work seriously. Remaining light-hearted when faced with low density drama is a challenge for them.

They do not experience the diversity of ideas, opinions, or physical appearances on Zaniah as we have here on Earth. Therefore, they like to learn how to fit in and belong amongst a sea of differences. They are also learning to navigate what is truth and what is false as this hiding of truth is not something they are familiar with. Zaniah beings are not as outwardly an emotional a species as we are on Earth. Therefore, they often incarnate on Earth to explore emotional states from a different perspective. It’s more like they can feel the emotional states energetically rather than show them externally.


Zaniahs are sensitive to all stimuli and have a desire to help children


The most defining features of the Zaniah souls is that they are very sensitive to all stimuli, whether it be energetic or physical. This sensitivity is present whether they are in a Zaniah or an Earth body. Learning how to navigate this sensitivity on Earth is a common experience for these souls. Bright lights especially seem to bother them and they keep all their environments dim for comfort. Although Zaniah has one orange sun looming over its watery surface, their sunlight is not particularly intense.

Zaniah souls also have a special interest in protecting children. Many Zaniah starseeds will have several past lives where they are working with children as teacher or perhaps helping to keep them safe. Not all earthly lifetimes for a Zaniah starseed will be involved with children but they will usually have had incarnations surrounding this mission. These souls do not necessarily have more of their own children than other groups, they may have earthly lives where they do not have any offspring at all. Nonetheless, they are often in service and take on guardian roles for children in general.


Zaniah ships are fascinating; interplanetary travel is common for them


This is a benevolent group that are well liked in the Universe. They have ships that occasionally fly close to Earth. However, they cannot exist in our dense atmosphere. Zaniahs participate in the Galactic Federation of light (GFL). These beings are very interested in studying what goes on here and the archaic technology we use. I was assured that this group “does not wish harm to anyone on Earth.”

Zaniahs were eager to have me visit their massive teardrop shaped mothership prior to viewing their home world. The Zaniah mothership stays off planet at all times and serves as a meeting and docking point for their smaller ships. This large craft was like an indoor city in the sky with many rooms and Zaniahs woking there. They took me on a tour and showed how, within seconds, they can fill up their ship with water and then drain it completely dry. The technology they use does not get damaged by the water.

I was first taken to their scientific laboratory to be shown the Earth technology and human DNA they were studying at the time. It seems as though the fact that our earthly bodies are so low density and hence non responsive to stimuli in comparison to their bodies is fascinating to them. Zaniahs find Earth to be a very intriguing experiment, but not one many want to be personally involved in. They prefer to be detached observers and assist mostly from afar.


Zaniah is both an aquatic and dry land planet


The Zaniahs are a 9th dimensional race. They are physical, amphibious beings who live comfortably in both water and land. There is no preference and they spend close to half their lives in the water and the other half on dry land. However, they must spend some time in the water or else they become overwhelmed by surrounding stimuli and can become weak. Zaniah has portals all over the realm where they can easily transport themselves from the dry inner world to their external watery locations. It is this duality of living environments that makes them adaptable despite their inherent sensitivities. The water on their planet is refreshing and crystal clear but thicker in consistency than our water. It can also be condensed to take up less volume of physical space when ‘put away’ on their spaceships. The closest earthly example (although not exact) would be clear hand sanitizer, minus the alcohol.

This race is a DNA cross with the Ankaans and the Arcturians. Even though their body shape resembles the Nofs, I am told there is no genetic overlap between those two species. They are about 3’ tall in their natural state, but can condense themselves to only 6” tall if they need to hide or get through a small area. Similar to an octopus.

Since Zaniahs don’t use bright lights on their planet or on their ships. They lay on top of these UV light beds located in the ‘ocean’ floor, dry land, and in their ships instead to reinvigorate themselves. These UV boxes are used to heal and increase their life force energy without exposing themselves to bright sun which irritates them and can burn their sensitive skin.

The Zaniahs are highly intelligent and a Universally service-oriented race. They have been so kind, open, and patient with me while getting to know them. If this resonates and you’d like to know if you are a starseed from planet Zaniah, click here to have your Akashic Record read by me.


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